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Addressing Trust Issues: Understanding Surgery Costs and Pre-Travel Payments

Which One Should I Go with Cost Per Graft or Cost Per Session

Hair transplant has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury amongst people facing hair problems like receding hairline, hair thinning, hair loss, or patchy hair. To resolve these issues there are many hair treatment options available today. The most popular, permanent hair loss treatment is a hair transplant. This is because hair transplants offer the best results. Many hair treatments can solve hair problems, but a surgical hair transplant is trusted and effective. The most widely used hair transplant procedures are the FUT, the FUE, and the DHI. These hair transplant procedures are surgical and they are an investment, with a higher price compared to other hair treatments. They are effective and provide better results than other treatments. Hair transplant procedures are costly and the cost is generally the same around the world, which is between £3,000 to £12,000. However, a hair transplant in Turkey would be the best option as the procedure costs are low in Turkey when compared to the general cost around the world. 

What are the things that you should pay for?

Many medical institutions present the hair transplant procedure in the form of a package. Hair transplant packages usually include the cost of the surgery, the type of surgeon, a translator service, accommodation, and transfers. Many clinics also include a post-op care service in the package. The things that have an impact on the package price are the surgeon and type of treatment. For some medical institutions, the amount of hair to be transplanted or the number of grafts has an impact on the cost of the treatment. 

The first important thing is the surgeon’s experience and qualifications. Do good research about the profile of the performing surgeon when choosing a clinic. It is not a wise choice to choose a clinic with an inexperienced and unqualified surgeon just because the cost of the hair transplant procedure is cheaper. 

The second thing that adds up to the cost of the treatment, is the type of hair transplant. The FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is the least expensive, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), is a little more expensive, and the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), is the most expensive. DHI technique costs more since a special Choi Pen is used for the procedure. The Choi Pen is an expensive implanting tool. If Sapphire blades are used for the surgery it may increase the cost of a hair transplant package, too.

The last and most confusing thing is the graft number. Normally the number of grafts should not affect the price of a package unless you have a special case. However, some clinics calculate the cost of the procedure based on the number of grafts transplanted to maximize their profit. These clinics might overestimate the number of grafts you need just so that they can charge more. So, an intelligent choice would be, to find a medical institution with an experienced surgeon that won’t levy unnecessary charges and does not calculate the cost of the treatment on the number of grafts implanted. There are a few things that are included in the overall cost of the treatment or the package a medical institution offers, but the graft number should not be one of them. However, for some specialized medical institutions and special cases, the graft number can be brought into account when calculating the hair transplant cost.

Proper Suggestion Regarding Hair Treatment

Hair fall is so common that people do not want to believe it is a disease. Yes, it is a disease and needs proper treatment accordingly. To do this, you need proper suggestions and guidance. If you want to go for a Hair Transplant, then it will be better for you to go to Turkey’s Hair Transplantation. This is because first of all Turkey is the most pleasant place and people love to treat it here the second thing is that its reasonable and affordable cost attracts millions of patients here. Not only has that it had a very nice pay package. One is Cost per Graft and another is Cost per Session. 

Which one is better? Cost per Graft or Cost Per Session?

If you go for cost per session, then the session typically includes around 8000 Grafts. However, if you go for cost per session then it incurs approximately $40 or £40. Now if the patient comes from Europe then it is really lucky for the patient that the currency is much higher than Turkey. So, according to the pound, it costs 7K and according to the Euro, it costs 6K. So, approximately $40 or £40 will be sufficient per day. So, it is a much cheaper rate compared to the UK or Europe. The rate also varies from clinic to clinic but the range is according to that. Several factors also work here like an experienced and expert surgeon, the quality of the medical team, hotel quality, the city you will be operated, and the quality of the hospital or clinic.

Now, the best thing to go for cost per cost-per-session option is because it is a market link and you have to wait until they provide you with a suitable treatment. If the treatment process is providing you with one session, then it is the best suggestion for you to go for the cost of the session. Moreover, it is too hard to count the grafts during or middle of your treatment, and becomes very tough to keep accounts of several actual grafts incurred for your treatment. Suppose they provide you with the worth of 1000 grafts and you paid 1200 grafts for your entire treatment, how could you know that? The surgeon also concentrates on which one is the better surgery and according to that they prescribe and keep monitor until fruitful surgery results.

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