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Accessorize Like a Pro: The Best Fashionable Cheap Necklaces

Accessorizing with jewellery, especially simple outfits, can elevate one’s style substantially. Fashionable, cheap necklaces are the perfect tool for such enhancement, offering elegance and affordability. These necklaces effortlessly infuse outfits with personality and trendiness, making them indispensable for fashion-forward individuals. This article will explore the allure of cheap necklaces, personalized necklaces, and jewellery that don’t break the bank but still allow for high style.

Trends in Cheap Fashionable Necklaces

Affordable and Sparkling Choices

  1. Lab-Created Gemstones: Opt for necklaces featuring Moissanite, lab-created emeralds, or sapphires. These gemstones are affordable and offer durability and a brilliant sparkle that rivals natural gems.

Popular Styles and Where to Find Them

  1. Thin Chains and Pendants: Consider the elegant Missoma thin herringbone chain, which pairs beautifully with a malachite pendant for a mid-priced option. Alternatively, Gorjana offers a more budget-friendly chain with enamel and stone pendants.
  2. Layering and Lengths: Experiment with layering different styles, such as the Adina Eden tennis necklace with a traditional pendant, or mix a shorter coin necklace with a longer pendant necklace for a chic look.

Novel and Nostalgic Designs

  1. Retro and Whimsical: Embrace unusual shapes and architectural designs with pieces like the Urban Outfitters Pearl Bow Necklace or the Éliou Byron Gold-tone Pearl Necklace.
  2. Minimalist Elegance: For those who prefer subtlety, consider barely-there pieces like the Ring Concierge Saturn Chain Anklet or the Aurate Gold Ball Pendant, which offer minimalist charm with nearly translucent chains.
  3. Kid-Friendly Fun: Add a playful touch with brightly coloured, charmed jewellery suitable for all ages, such as the Super Smalls Lucky Streak Real 4-leaf Clover Necklace or the Roxanne Assoulin Endless Summer Happy Camp Bracelet.

Maximalist and Mixed Media Trends

  1. Bold Combinations: Dive into the maximalist aesthetic by combining different materials. Montserrat’s The Madrid Earrings or Coach’s Signature Mixed Chain Necklace are perfect examples of this trend.
  2. Floral and Nature-Inspired: Floral jewellery continues to blossom with options like Mejuri’s Marquise Topaz Earrings or Madewell’s Flower Power Hoop Earrings, bringing a touch of nature to your accessory game.

Metallics and More

  1. Shimmering Silver and Cuffs: Don’t shy away from silver metallics or chunky cuffs like the Panacea Large Multiband Wrist Cuff, perfect for adding a party-ready shine to any outfit.
  2. Tennis Necklaces and Colourful Options: Classic tennis necklaces, especially those with lab-grown gems, remain popular. For a fun twist, consider candy-coloured necklaces that embody the whimsical jewellery trend, perfect for summer styling.
The Best Fashionable Cheap Necklaces

How to Choose the Right Necklace for Your Outfit

When selecting the perfect necklace to complement your outfit, consider the complexity of your look and the neckline of your clothing. For instance, a simple chain or a delicate pendant can enhance a busy pattern, while bold or layered necklaces can elevate a plain outfit.

Matching Necklace to Neckline

  • High Necklines: Opt for short pendants or chokers to accentuate turtle or crew necks.
  • Plunging Necklines: Longer chains or statement pieces work well with deeper cuts.
  • Rounded Necklines: Medium-length pendants or layered necklaces add charm to scoop or crew necks.

Consider the Occasion

Different occasions call for varying styles of necklaces:

  • Formal Events: Choose elegant pieces with precious gems.
  • Casual Gatherings: Simple chains or fun, chunky beads fit well.

Choose According to Your Undertone

  • Warm Undertones: Look for gold, copper, and warm-coloured gems.
  • Cool Undertones: Silver and cool-coloured gemstones are ideal.

Express Your Personality

Your necklace should reflect your style, whether bold, minimalist, or somewhere between. Choose pieces that you feel confident and comfortable wearing.

Layering Necklaces

Creating a unique look involves mixing different lengths and textures:

  1. Start with a simple base chain.
  2. Add a pendant for length.
  3. Include a textured or statement piece to complete the look.

Ensure each layer is well-spaced to avoid tangling and to maintain a clean, stylish appearance. This approach showcases individuality and allows for versatility in your jewellery choices.

Mixing and Matching: Layering Necklaces on a Budget

Layering necklaces is an art form that can elevate any outfit without breaking the bank. Here are some practical tips to achieve a stylish, layered look with necklaces:

Start with a Foundation Piece

  1. Choose a Simple Pendant: Begin your layering with a simple pendant necklace. This versatile base can be used to add more detailed pieces.

Add Variety with Length and Texture

  1. Incorporate Different Lengths: Mix short, medium, and long chains to create depth and interest. Adjustable necklaces or extenders are handy for perfecting the placement of each layer.
  2. Experiment with Textures: Combine various chain textures and thicknesses. This adds a unique charm and helps prevent the necklaces from tangling.

Focus on Focal Points

  1. Highlight a Statement Piece: Allow a bold statement necklace to take centre stage. Layer more subdued pieces around it to complement the look without overshadowing the main attraction.

Personalize Your Style

  1. Include a Personalized Necklace: Adding a personalized piece, like an initial or a birthstone pendant, makes your ensemble uniquely yours and adds a sentimental touch.

Practical Tips to Avoid Tangles

  1. Use a Necklace Connector: This tool keeps your layered necklaces in place and prevents them from getting tangled.
  2. Opt for Pre-styled Layered Necklaces: For those who prefer a hassle-free approach, choose necklaces already styled in layers. You can still add one or two pieces for a personalized touch.

By following these tips, you can master the art of necklace layering, creating eye-catching and personalized looks that enhance your style quotient while staying within your budget.

Where to Find Fashionable Cheap Necklaces

Finding fashionable cheap necklaces that don’t compromise on style or quality is easier than you think. Here are some top places to start your search:

Explore Online Boutiques, Brands and Marketplaces

  • EvryJewels, led by siblings Britt and Jake, is a jewellery brand deeply rooted in family tradition, with a modern twist. Britt, the creative force behind the designs, draws inspiration from fashion trends, collaborating with social media influencers to create pieces that appeal to a wide audience. Jake, known as “the wolf,” handles the business operations, overseeing collaborations and keeping the company running smoothly.
  • Etsy: This marketplace shines with its vast array of jewellery options, from personalized to vintage pieces, suitable for all budget ranges.

Utilize Discounts and Special Offers

  • EvryJewels: Get an extra 25% off and receive exclusive deals by subscribing to our email list. Save on your order today and enjoy ongoing special offers in your inbox. Don’t miss out on the chance to get more for less!

Keep an Eye on Physical Stores

  • Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops: Pay attention to the potential of finding unique and affordable pieces in thrift stores or vintage shops, where you might stumble upon a one-of-a-kind item.

By exploring these diverse options, you can effortlessly expand your jewellery collection with stylish and affordable necklaces, ensuring you always have the perfect accessory for any outfit.


Navigating the vibrant world of fashionable cheap necklaces empowers individuals to express their unique style without compromising quality or budget. This exploration has revealed that whether one’s preference leans towards minimalist elegance, playful whimsy, or bold statements, a perfect necklace exists to complement every outfit and occasion. Notably, individuals can elevate their fashion game effortlessly by understanding the significance of matching necklaces with necklines, considering the context of wear, and embracing personal style. For those looking to enrich their collection further, visiting offers many chic options waiting to be discovered.

Moreover, layering, choosing the right materials based on undertones, and the insightful tips on keeping necklaces tangle-free underscore the importance of thoughtful accessorizing. As fashion enthusiasts venture into the realms of sustainable choices and cost-effective shopping through online boutiques, marketplaces, and physical stores, the journey becomes as delightful as the destination. In conclusion, this guide serves as a beacon for those seeking to accessorize with flair and finesse. It celebrates the joy of discovering pieces that resonate with one’s personal narrative and aesthetic allure.

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