Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant is a permanent solution to the gradual or irreversible problem of hair loss. Most patients spend years considering a procedure and waste plenty of money on ineffective ‘quick fixes’ and alternative remedies. Affordable hair transplant packages are cost-effective and provide patients with the fantastic results they deserve. Transform your appearance and restore your confidence with hair transplant, today!

So, how much does hair transplant cost?

The cost of a procedure can vary, depending on so many factors, including the quality and reputation of the clinic, the qualifications and experience of the surgeons, the quality of aftercare, location of the clinic, your hair type, location of transplant, stage and rate of hair loss and number of consultations.

The factor that impacts hair transplant costs the most is the location of the clinic. For example, clinics for hair transplant UK will charge an inflated rate. Hair transplant UK can cost anywhere between £5,000 and £30,000.

How Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant Calculated?

Hair transplant costs depends on the quality of hair and degree of hair loss. This will need to be calculated for each individual patient to ensure a quality procedure for every patient. Most clinics will measure the stage of hair loss using the Norwood scale.

Unreliable and just-for-profit clinics and surgeons will calculate hair transplant cost per graft. These clinics will over-estimate the number of grafts required for a successful and natural looking hair transplant. Patients are taken advantage of and overcharged for a procedure that can look unnatural and does not achieve the patient’s desired look. One of two things will then happen;

  • The donor area will be overharvested – Unreliable, profit-driven facilities justify their hair transplant costs by extracting too many follicles from the donor area. This can make the area look patchy and worse than before the hair transplant took place and can require additional hair transplant costs to fix the problem.
  • Too few hairs will be transplanted – Over-quoting the number of grafts required can result in unreputable clinics transplanting much fewer. This can save them time and money, but the results are poor as the transplanted hairs will not cover the bald area effectively or naturally.

Many patients believe they are getting a great deal when they are charged per graft. This is because hair transplant UK clinics will begin to cut the cost as the number of grafts increases. Patient’s then believe they are getting money off because of the scale of the hair transplant. For example, you can expect to be charged £5 per graft for 2000 grafts (£10,000) but £2.50 per graft for 7000 (£17,500).

It is imperative to understand how many grafts are actually required. To ensure you are booking with a reputable clinic, consider consulting more than one surgeon.

The best clinics will quote the maximum number of grafts required for one session. This will manage patient expectations whilst delivering fantastic results. This pricing strategy also suggests the clinic is more reputable.

FUE hair transplant is usually the cheapest technique due to the technology used. It makes the whole procedure more efficient and more accurate. FUT hair transplants are still available but are declining in popularity as it is a more invasive procedure. The type of hair transplant available to you will depend on your hair type. The hair transplant cost will also depend on the treatment plan as treatments can be combined to include DHI hair transplant or PRP treatment.

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Hair Transplant Cost UK

Hair transplant cost in the UK can vary depending on the clinic. The price of hair transplants in the UK can fluctuate anywhere between £5,000 and £30,000. The trumped-up prices are not realistic for the everyday patient suffering from hair loss and the subsequent self-confidence issues. Well-recognised and famous individuals, such as Wayne Rooney, have driven up hair transplant costs in the UK because they have raised the profile of specific clinics.

The technology required to provide the latest and best-quality procedures for hair transplant UK is expensive to import. The standard of technology and medical equipment at reputable facilities will be the same all over the world, but it is not readily available in the UK and this cost is bolted onto the hair transplant UK procedure.


hair transplant turkey vs hair transplant uk comparison graph

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

Turkey is recognised as the hair transplant capital of the world. Health tourism continues to grow in the country; the medical facilities available in Turkey are amongst the best in the world. The growing popularity of hair transplant surgeries and treatments continues to drive the quality of equipment and medical infrastructure in Turkey. This means hair transplants in Turkey are more cost-effective, efficient and successful than ever before. Hair transplants in Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul are the most popular.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey can vary depending on the degree of hair loss. Hair transplant in Turkey can cost anywhere from £1,100 to £5,000. The quality of the clinic is also a factor, but the rise in just-for-profit, price-per-graft facilities has thrown off this metric. Reputable clinics will offer all patients a consultation before they commit to the cost of their hair transplant. Consultations can be over the phone or in-person. All patients should be made aware of the surgeon’s previous work, education and evaluated for their suitability at the first consultation.

The price of hair transplant packages with reputable clinics in Turkey will include medication, accommodation, airport transfers, aftercare, warranty certificate, a personalised treatment plan and the desired procedure. In comparison, hair transplant UK will typically just cover the procedure and immediate aftercare.

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