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DHI Hair Transplant & Unshaven Hair Transplant in Turkey

Unshaven hair transplant and DHI hair transplant in Turkey are both long-term solutions to hair loss. Both procedures are available at reputable, high-quality clinics in cities around the country. These are both premium hair transplant options as they allow patients to combat their hair loss with sensitivity. DHI hair transplant has a faster healing process, which can improve the success of the transplant but also means patients can conceal their procedure and enjoy natural regrowth that boosts confidence. On the other hand, Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey (U-FUE) does not require the patient to shave their head to receive a hair transplant, which is the perfect solution for people in the public eye and women who suffer from hair loss.

Hair transplant procedures in Turkey continue to grow in popularity due to the reduced cost (in comparison to the UK and other Western countries) and the skill and advanced technology that is readily available. Turkey has experienced an influx of medical tourism over the last decade, which has allowed the nation to strengthen its infrastructure and enjoy an economic boost. As a result, Turkey is now a worldwide spearhead for the most advanced hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries. DHI hair transplant and unshaven hair transplant in Turkey are both advanced, complicated procedures that require experienced surgeons and medical instruments such as the Choi implanter pen.

What is a DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI, or direct hair implantation, is an innovative and premium method for transplanting hair. DHI hair transplant in Turkey is growing in popularity as many realize it is a discreet process with an improved healing time. This is because the process uses the Choi implanter pen. When used by an experienced, qualified surgeon, this tool is used to accurately extract and protect follicles during transplant. As they are then directly implanted in the transplant area, scarring and irritation to the area are significantly reduced. The Choi implanter pen provides extremely impressive results as it provides a natural transplant due to the micro-surgery technique.

What Is Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant?

Unshaven hair transplant, often known as U-FUE, is an advancement on the extremely popular FUE hair transplant procedure. It is a complex technique, but when executed by skilled surgeons, allows patients to improve the appearance of their hair and improves density or patchy areas, without the need to shave the head. Unshaven FUE hair transplant requires extreme precision as each hair is individually extracted, shortened, and then implanted. It is a much more elaborate procedure than standard FUE.

Cost of Direct Hair Implantation

DHI hair transplant minimizes any negative impact of implantation on the scalp and protects the existing hairs more than other hair transplant surgeries. It is known as microsurgery and the process requires the latest and most advanced technologies available, such as the Choi implanter pen.

To ensure a DHI hair transplant in Turkey is successful, it is imperative to choose a reputable facility with highly qualified and experienced medical staff. As it is such a premium, advanced technique, patients should expect to pay upwards of £1,500 for a DHI hair transplant in Turkey.  The cost of a DHI hair transplant will depend on the degree of hair loss, and thus the number of hairs that are required for implantation.

Direct hair implantation will typically be priced as a package that should include:

  • DHI transplant procedure
  • Aftercare
  • Accommodation
  • Medication
  • Specialist products to care for hair after the procedure.

The cost of the procedure in the UK will be much higher.

Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant Cost

Unshaven FUE hair transplant is a cost-effective method for restoring hair and promoting growth discreetly. Although this procedure is an intricate surgery that requires experienced doctors to complete successfully, unshaven FUE hair transplant costs are relatively low and particularly favored by women who wear their hair long or those patients who are client-facing or in the public eye.

Unshaven FUE hair transplant costs vary, but in Turkey, patients can expect to pay upwards of £1,500. Prices will be calculated depending on how much hair requires transplanting. As above, U-FUE costs are lower in Turkey and provide a more comprehensive medical experience to ensure all patients are comfortable as stress can reduce the success of a procedure.

Finding Reputable Hair Transplant Clinics In Turkey

Both DHI hair transplants and unshaven FUE hair transplants are complicated procedures. All prospective patients should investigate the credentials of their chosen clinic to ensure their surgeons are qualified and equipped to provide the results they want.

Due to the skill level and technology required for both procedures, it will be important to ask surgeons for evidence of their previous work and surgeries. It is also ideal to visit or speak to a consultant before DHI and unshaven hair transplant in Turkey.

The impressive pricing of hair transplants in Turkey is due to the government’s subsidization of the medical tourism industry, which was implemented to sustain the economic growth the country is enjoying as a result of the visitors. It does make quality transplant procedures, such as these, accessible to the everyman suffering from hair loss.

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Hair Transplant Istanbul

Hair Transplant Istanbul

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