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Are the PRP Included Hair Transplant Packages just a Marketing Strategy?

The hair which resides like a crown on our body exhibits the natural beauty of our appearance. Hair grows by the emission of androgen hormones in the body and fabricates the skin on our body by providing an appealing look. Many studies show that lack of proper care of the key factor of our beauty, that is the hair, is the main reason for the hair to become distressed and start to fall or get defaced. This is a generic problem today for both men and women alike.

Hair Transplant Package in Turkey with PRP or without PRP

Hair transplants in Turkey have gained respectable heights and are growing quite famous because of the costs, effectiveness, and results. Many people are attracted to the packages that the medical institutions in Turkey have to provide and prefer hair transplants in Turkey. This is because the packages that they have designed which cover the entire treatment along with accommodation and transfer seem to be a feasible option for patients. The most common hair transplant procedures are the FUE and the FUT hair transplants. Some medical institutions present these techniques in a fancy manner to lure patients into paying more for the same procedure, for example, U-FUE hair transplant, etc. Another phrase or statement that is included in these packages is the “PRP Hair Treatment“. People are attracted to this term and show interest in the packages having PRP treatment as they think that this treatment would have better results. This is because the medical institutions that market their packages using the name, PRP, convince patients that, combining the PRP procedure with other hair transplant techniques will provide better effects than the transplant technique alone. These institutions also claim that this procedure promotes hair growth rapidly. However, there is no medical evidence that proves the use of PRP provides better results. By producing false statements and made-up reasons these clinics charge a high price for the procedure as well as other elements in the package. Although PRP therapy might prove beneficial for some patients the therapy doesn’t need to be required for all patients. These clinics will also not hesitate to calculate the cost of the treatment based on the number of grafts.

PRP Package – Strategy To Deceit People 

The hospitality provided by the medical institutions might be really good regarding PRP therapy but the results are not always desirable. Some patients are talked into PRP therapy along with the hair transplant procedure and initially, development can be seen but what people fail to understand here is that their original beauty cannot be restored just by bringing in a therapy that still does not have enough medical evidence to prove its effectiveness. There is no doubt to the fact that PRP therapy is indeed beneficial in some cases, but it is not 100 percent guaranteed. These are business strategies to make their name in the industry. Since Turkey is becoming a place of medical tourism it is a good opportunity for many institutions that wish to do good business as they see these hair transplant treatments as a source of income and not as a treatment. Their strategy is to target an audience who easily believe the outward glorifications but do not think concretely. Eventually, the patients shed the amount that these medical institutions want them to and the patients are left with unsatisfied results and waste of money. 

Rethink About PRP

If you plan on getting a hair transplant procedure from an institution just because they have PRP therapy to offer in your package, you might want to think again. Before arriving at a decision you need to consult a reputed and experienced doctor, you need to know about the problem with your hair. Do you need a hair transplant? If yes then which procedure will be the best? The answer to this lies with the professional doctor. He is the one who will examine your case and provide the best solution for your hair. The wisest thing a person can do is research instead of making a decision based on attractive marketing campaigns and false reviews.

Make Your Conclusion

Who can provide the best solution for your hair problems, a qualified and experienced doctor or the ones who see treatments as sources of income? You know the answer. The research will help you in getting educated about the various hair transplant options and the best medical institutions that provide these treatments. Moreover, the best institutions conduct customized assessments to suggest the best treatment options for you. Make a wise choice when going for hair transplant treatments, save money and get yourself the desired luscious hair.

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