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How To Reduce Your Hair Transplant Cost Abroad

Hair loss is an extremely emotional time and can have a great psychological impact on individuals, particularly if they stop recognizing the person they see in the mirror. A hair transplant can give patients a huge confidence boost, helping them to feel younger and better about themselves altogether. For many, it can even erase the physical remnants of stress or illness.

As the stigma around hair transplants, and all cosmetic surgeries, begins to subside, more and more people are embracing this long-term solution for hair loss. The biggest concern for those seeking to rejuvenate their hair is the cost of a hair transplant.

Hair transplant in Turkey are extremely affordable, meaning they are a more realistic option for the everyman, as opposed to those available in the UK. UK transplants are often extremely expensive and out of the price range of an everyday, working man. Therefore, most people travel abroad to receive a hair transplant. Our guide is here to help prospective patients receive premium hair transplants whilst keeping the costs down.

Pricing Methods

There are two main ways in which a provider can price a hair transplant; cost per graft and packages:

Cost Per Graft

For this pricing method, the cost of the procedure is calculated based on the number of grafts required. The greater the bald area, the greater the number of grafts required, (this is a general rule and all patients should speak to a consultant as dense hair will appear thicker and thus require fewer grafts for the transplant). Therefore, if the number of grafts is greater, the cost will reflect this.

This is often more expensive for the patient and more profitable for the provider because the strategy works on a very simple ‘economies of scale’ scheme. For example, a graft can be charged at £2.50, making a 5000 graft transplant £12,500. Providers will then insist they are giving their patients a fantastic deal by reducing the price to £10,000. However, the operating theatre and surgeon will all be accounted for as an overhead cost. This means anything over that is pure profit, motivating providers to overcharge and overclaim how many grafts are realistically required.

Package Deals

A package deal will most often promise the maximum number of grafts for a fixed cost. This keeps the cost of a hair transplant down, ensuring it is a realistic and accessible option for a greater number of people. Furthermore, packages also minimize the need for add-on extras. Cost per graft pricing strategies only charge for the hair transplant surgery and everything else required for the journey and the health of the procedure on a long term are charged as an additional extra.

The type of hair transplant procedure will impact the cost. This is because some procedures, such as DHI hair transplant require more advanced technologies and thus are more expensive in comparison to the most popular FUE hair transplant.

What’s Included In The Packages?

To manage the costs of a hair transplant abroad, prospective patients should compare what is included in the packages. As with the cost-per-graft pricing strategy, some clinics will be careful with their wording and the fee will only include the procedure, leaving the patient to find additional money for accommodation, aftercare, etc. It is important to review everything that is included with a package to keep the cost of a hair transplant abroad to a minimum.

Standard packages will include the desired procedure, accommodation, and a basic aftercare scheme. Premium clinics may also include airport transfers, aftercare products, and a few additional administrative services or longer aftercare helplines. This will help ensure cost savings of all hair transplants.

Please note, that flights will not be included.

Cheap Flights

Keeping the cost of the flights down will ultimately reduce the cost of a hair transplant abroad. Fortunately, flights to Turkey, which is where most hair transplants abroad take place, range from anywhere between £40 – £200 with good airlines.

Before booking your hair transplant abroad, you might consider comparing the cost of flights at different times of the year. For example, flights to Turkey are significantly cheaper outside of school holidays or peak periods. Simple research can help you reduce the cost of a hair transplant abroad, but this will depend on your schedule and whether you can be flexible about when you travel. Furthermore, it will be important to compare the cost of flights. Use cost comparison sites to ensure you are receiving the best deal. As with most things, airline tickets are cheaper when booked in advance rather than last minute.

To Conclude…

The best thing about hair transplants is they are a permanent solution to hair loss. A hair transplant is a one-off cost, which makes it extremely cost-effective over a long period. This is particularly relevant for procedures such as eyebrow transplants and eyelash transplants, in which semi-permanent beauty treatments are popular but do not deliver the same standard of results. The amount of bald area a hair transplant can cover will depend on the degree of hair loss and the health of the donor area. Some people choose to go for more than one transplant, but it is important to spread these out to ensure you can see full regrowth.

sule clinic the best hair transplant

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