Hair loss is very common nowadays – for a whole host of reasons – which can range from things like hormones and genetics, to stress, pregnancy, illness, medication, weight loss and even certain hairstyles – to name a few causes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and can happen to anyone, at any stage of their life.

Although hair loss affects many and is usually entirely natural – this doesn’t stop it being any less distressing or embarrassing, which is why many companies try to sell short term, temporary solutions, such as scalp pigmentation, thickening shampoos or wigs.

Many people who experience hair loss or have considered undergoing a hair transplant but presume it to be too expensive, or incorrectly think that it requires too much maintenance, or recovery time – or worse, that a cheap hair transplant will give them unsatisfactory, unnatural results. So, they continue to take a risk on, and invest in, short term maintenance items that they hope will work – such as hair thickening products and hair pieces.

These can actually turn out to be more costly in the long term as the ‘small’ costs add up, and will never actually provide a satisfactory result, as they are short term, impermanent ‘solutions’. Hair growth medication isn’t a permanent ‘fix’ either, as once you stop taking the medication, the hair loss picks up from where it left prior to usage. This, understandably, can be very frustrating for the patient. Some hair re-growth solutions are all marketing technique and it could be the case that those experiencing hair loss are grasping at straws and being mis-sold products during an emotional time. This is unethical and can be an expensive mistake. It is recommended that you always do your research before committing to any hair loss solution.

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Long Term and Cost Effective Solutions

While a hair transplant is one of the healthiest, most natural ways to deal with hair loss, it is truly the only long-term solution for it. A hair transplant does cause some mild and manageable discomfort as well as a short recovery period. However, the patient will also only have to undergo this once, making hair transplant cost and time effective. This is because those who have been managing or battling hair loss with medical or beauty treatments will require regular top ups. These can also cause some discomfort and work out more time consuming, with appointments during work hours and travel time eating into a patient’s schedule.

Depending on the degree of hair loss, patients may wish to undergo multiple hair transplants. This should always be discussed with a professional, experienced consultant working for a reputable and responsible provider. This is because some providers will mislead patients and tell them more can be realistically achieved, but they are simply just-for-profit organisations. If in doubt, get a second consultation at an alternate provider to make sure you are not erroneously investing your money. Those who do undergo multiple hair transplants usually opt for fill out the hair in alternate areas, such as beard transplants or eyebrow transplants as they realise how cost-effective a permanent solution to hair transplant can be.

Aside from the time and financial saving, and convenience of no longer having to use hair replacement or growth boosting products, a hair transplant has many psychological bonuses, and can actually improve self-confidence and mood, and can decrease anxiety and stress regarding hair loss. If hair loss gets you down and stops you feeling like yourself, you may notice that you make impulsive or unsustainable financial decisions. Unhappiness is proven to affect our spending behaviours, and lifting your mood could help save you money, also. This is not applicable to every patient, and there are no psychological studies to support the relationship between hair transplant and spending directly, but there are studies that show how our appearance (and our hair) affect our mental health as well as studies that emphasise spending to make ourselves feel better when we are down.

Always book a consultation prior to agreeing to the hair transplant cost. This will help all patients understand whether or not they want to commit to the cost of a hair transplant, and they can help understand the results. Always ask to see before and after results of the surgeons work, also.