Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplants in Turkey continue to rise in popularity with patients all around the world. Turkey continues to enjoy a boost in health tourism as the country’s medical infrastructure improves accessibility and reduces the cost of cosmetic or non-compulsory procedures. The Turkish government subsidised the cost of hair transplant procedures to encourage medical tourists to visit their country.

Procedures for hair transplant in Turkey include:

  • FUE Hair Transplant –  FUE is the most common method for hair transplant and is quickly becoming the favorite technique due to its accuracy and non-invasive procedure.
  • FUT Hair Transplant – This is also known as the strip method where the follicles are harvested from a specific strip of skin taken from the scalp.
  • U-FUE Hair Transplant – The same as FUE hair transplant but this procedure does not require women or those with long hair to shave their head.
  • PRP Treatment – PRP can work in conjunction with other hair transplant procedures and is used to stimulate growth.
  • Facial Hair Transplant – This includes beard transplants and eyebrow transplants.
  • More – Quality clinics will have a technique or method suitable for most hair types. Enquire with individual clinics to find the best for you.

Professional medical facilities that provide Turkey hair transplants will advise patients on the procedure that they are most suitable for. They will be able to offer their professional opinion, outlining what can realistically be achieved with hair transplant surgery. This will depend on the rate of hair loss and the patient’s desired look. Please note, that reputable clinics will not charge per graft. The best hair transplant clinics in Turkey will provide a maximum-graft quote for the best possible results.  

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost 

Turkey transplant costs vary, particularly at facilities that calculate the cost of hair transplants per graft. As a hair transplant can require up to 8000 grafts, the price can fluctuate a lot. The most affordable and reliable hair transplant clinics in Turkey calculate their costs on a maximum graft basis. This means patients can rest assured their graft numbers are not being trumped up or they are not being overcharged for the procedure.

The price you should expect to pay for Turkey hair transplants should be approximately £1,100 +

Hair transplant Turkey costs should include the following:

  • Hair transplant session
  • Medication
  • Specialist aftercare products (shampoo etc.)
  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Aftercare

Turkey transplant costs are extremely affordable and package deals make the procedures more convenient and comfortable than ever before. The cost of hair transplants in Turkey provides the everyman with the opportunity to boost their confidence and enjoy the transformative journey of restoring their hair!

Please note, that pre and post-operative consultations might not be included in the Turkey transplant cost. However, established clinics will be able to provide consultations over the phone or in the patient’s home country for convenience. At the point of initial consultation, a patient should not be committed to the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey.

Flights will not be included in Turkey transplant costs or packages. 

Spread The Cost Of Transplants In Turkey

One of the reasons Turkey is the most popular hair transplant destination is that these procedures are largely considered cosmetic. Hair loss does have a huge impact on self-confidence, but public healthcare systems rarely fund the procedures. To make these procedures accessible to the everyman, reputable and professional medical transplant clinics will offer financing options. The structure of the cost of hair transplants in Turkey should be discussed in the initial consultation.

Finance options for Turkey hair transplants can be a positive reflection on the reputation of the clinic. This suggests that the clinic does not want to rush their patients to the operating theatre and is willing to work collaboratively and realistically to achieve results.  

Hair Transplant Turkey Locations

Turkey transplant costs also fluctuate depending on the location. Although the medical infrastructure continues to move from strength to strength and medical tourism is becoming one of the nation’s defining industries, few destinations provide high-quality and convenient hair transplants in Turkey.

Izmir – Izmir is ideally located on the west coast of Turkey. This makes it an extremely accessible location for hair transplants in Turkey for those travelling from Europe. The flights from London range from £100 – £200 even in peak seasons, keeping the cost of hair transplant Turkey to a minimum.

Ankara – Ankara is further afield for those travelling from within Europe, but the capital does play host to some quality facilities. Prices for hair transplants in Ankara do tend to be the highest in Turkey simply because it is the capital city.

Istanbul – Istanbul is a fantastic location for hair transplants with a wealth of world-standard clinics. The infrastructure continues to improve for medical tourism and hair transplants in Istanbul and flights are extremely frequent from London and throughout Europe.

Professional medical organisations that perform hair transplants in Turkey will also be able to provide consultations and aftercare programmes for their worldwide clients. Ensure this is included within the Turkey transplant package cost before committing to your clinic.

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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

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