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Combination Surgeries: Hair and Beard Transplant Cost

Depending on the type of hair loss, thinning or shedding can simultaneously affect the face and head. When this happens all at once, it can be particularly noticeable and upsetting. Many patients battle with this kind of dramatic hair loss and struggle to come to terms with their new appearance or even commit to the time and finances of undergoing a hair transplant in the UK.

Hair transplant in Turkey is much more affordable for those experiencing hair loss. As the procedures become more and more popular, particularly with those traveling from the UK and other European countries, hair transplant costs in Turkey continue to drop, and medical tourism as a whole becomes more accessible.

Package deals often keep the overall cost of the procedure down, providing a comprehensive deal that covers the costs of extras such as accommodation and aftercare. These extras are vital for the success of a procedure and are a large factor in what makes up hair transplant costs in Turkey.

For those who experience simultaneous hair and beard hair loss, or who simply wish to rejuvenate growth in both areas, a combination treatment is also the most cost-effective and affordable way to achieve the desired results.

What Is The Procedure For Combo Beard and Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant is now the most common method for scalpel transplant. It is also the method that is utilized for facial hair transplant (as well as other areas of the body, such as eyelash transplant). This means that the patient may only have to go in for one procedure, but this will depend on the length of the transplant and the size of the bald area and thus the number of grafts required.

The FUE process extracts the hair follicles from a donor area. These grafts are then harvested and prepared for re-implantation. The number of grafts required will depend on the density of the hair and the degree of hair loss, for example, if a patient just wishes to even out a patchy area of their beard, this will require very few grafts. At this stage, hair grafts will also be shorted for a beard transplant before being implanted using micro-surgical incisions.

The fixed overhead costs, such as the price of the operating theatre and the surgeon will be covered by one of the hair or beard transplant costs in Turkey. As the procedure is the same for both areas of transplant, no additional equipment or team members are required.  This means it is cost-effective and prudent to undergo both at the same time.

Patients Suitable For Hair & Beard Transplant Cost Turkey

As with all hair transplants, patients will need to be evaluated for their suitability for a combination transplant. This will largely depend on the number of grafts required and thus the degree of hair loss. For both procedures, surgeons will only be able to collect a maximum of 4500 grafts in a single session. This means that a patient with a more severe degree of hair loss may not benefit from hair transplant cost Turkey for combination treatment, as it cannot be covered in a single session.

Of course, if the patient is looking to see results in both areas, it is ultimately their decision if they wish to commit to the hair transplant cost Turkey.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey – Why It’s Worth It

As FUE is the most common method for hair transplant in Turkey, prices continue to drop.  On average, an FUE transplant is approximately four times cheaper in Turkey in comparison to the UK. This is applicable for both the hair and beard transplant costs in Turkey.

Patients who are looking to undergo a combination of procedures at the same time should be aware that they are likely to benefit from a combination price. This is because reputable clinics will allow their patients to benefit from the reduction in overhead costs, such as the operating theatre fees. Furthermore, patients will only be required to pay for additional costs such as flights once. Of course, this is advantageous and makes a more comprehensive procedure accessible and a realistic option for the everyday person suffering from hair loss.

Combination procedures are extremely popular in Turkey, not simply because of the hair transplant cost, but also because it combines the recovery period. If decide to do it separately, patients will have to set time aside for two recovery periods after their procedures, this can also have financial ramifications with extended leave from work required.

sule clinic the best hair transplant

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