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FUT Hair Transplant

FUT hair transplant is still a popular technique for battling hair loss as it can deliver the best results for some patients, depending on their hair type. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation requires a strip of skin to be taken from the scalp. The patient will be evaluated to ensure this strip is taken from the healthiest area of the hair. For the best FUT hair transplant results, a patient’s donor area will have dense hair with multiple stems (hair strands) extending from each follicle. A follicle typically has 2-4 hairs.

Hairs will be individually extracted from the strip and implanted into the balding area. A FUT hair transplant surgeon will be able to evaluate a patient’s suitability for this technique in an initial consultation.

Where Is FUT Hair Transplant Available?

This method has declined in popularity over the past few years. This has resulted in fewer clinics in the UK offering the procedure. To fill a gap in the market and provide effective FUT hair transplant results to hundreds of patients in the UK, FUT hair transplant in Turkey is still available.

How Much Does FUT Hair Transplant Cost?

FUT hair transplant in the UK can cost anywhere between £4,000 – £40,000. As with all hair transplant procedures, this will depend on how many grafts are required to complete the transplant. FUT is the original procedure for hair transplant and advanced technology now means that there are alternative, less invasive procedures available. Unfortunately, this has not reduced the cost of this procedure, especially as many facilities encourage and promote the FUE hair transplant.

FUT hair transplant in Turkey is still available as this method is more suitable for certain hair types. FUT hair transplant in Turkey costs approximately £1,100+ depending on the number of grafts required.

Typical FUT hair transplant Turkey packages are more comprehensive than those available in the UK. Hair transplant and medical tourism are some of Turkey’s leading industries. The medical facilities are amongst the very best in the world and an FUT patient can expect;

  • FUT hair transplant procedure
  • Aftercare
  • Premium accommodation
  • Consultations
  • Medication
  • Products for keeping the wound site clean and washing after surgery

The Turkish government wants to maintain the income they receive from UK, European, and Asian hair transplant patients. As a result, they have subsidized the cost of the procedures to make the surgeries accessible to a larger market.

FUT hair transplants were never fully popularised in the UK. As a result, the best FUT surgeons are usually found in Turkey or other countries. It is imperative for positive FUT hair transplant results that patients research their chosen clinic and the transplant surgeons. An experienced hair transplant surgeon will be equipped to minimize scarring and manage any changes during the process of the surgery. Experienced surgeons are also able to achieve the most natural results and re-growth, as this can depend on the chosen donor area and the quality of hair follicles chosen to harvest. The angle and density of the transplant also affect the standard of regrowth.

What Can You Expect From FUT Hair Transplant Results?

FUT hair transplant results are a permanent solution to hair loss, making FUT hair transplant a cost-effective technique for battling this sensitive issue. The recovery period for FUT is 12 months. Only after this re-growth time can a patient properly see the results of their FUT hair transplant. During the 12 months, some patients might experience shock hair loss at the donor site or in the transplant area.

FUT has been overtaken by alternative methods of hair transplant, but FUT can deliver a successful hair transplant to patients who might not benefit from the alternatives in the same way. FUT hair transplant results are reliable and the procedure is extremely safe but, comparatively, it is a more invasive procedure. FUT hair transplant results in more complications, in comparison to other methods. Patients should be aware of the potential risks and discuss their suitability for transplant with their surgeon. Factors that can impact the effect and result of FUT hair transplant include:

  • Hair type
  • Extent of scarring
  • Shock hair loss
  • Inflammation
  • Post-operative infections

Scarring is the most likely complication, but most people only experience a small scar where the strip was removed, and the stitches were placed. In the vast majority of cases, standard scars can be completely hidden by half an inch of hair. This is likely to grow during the re-growth period. Although FUT hair transplant is an extremely safe procedure, all potential risks, benefits, and drawbacks must be discussed with patients during a medical procedure.

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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

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