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Cost Of Beard Transplants

What Is Beard Transplant?

Beard transplants continue to rise in popularity for a whole host of reasons, the primary of which are affordability and changing fashions. Beards and facial hair have always been a display of masculinity, but recent trends have seen a revival and move away from the clean-shaven look, which has previously been considered cleaner. Psychologists highlight the effectiveness of a beard, particularly when it comes to asserting authority and dominance in professional situations. Additionally, the inability to grow a beard can be a source of upset – and even ridicule – for many men.

Beard transplant costs are also extremely affordable, making them a cost-effective and long-term solution for bald faces. Beard transplant costs often depend on the number of grafts required, but other clinics don’t make the price calculation based on graft number.

Grafts for facial hair or beard transplant vary. For example, it could be the case that a patient struggles to grow a mustache but has adequate facial hair around the cheeks. This could only require 500 grafts to be taken, harvested, and transplanted. To cover a larger bald area, the graft number may need to increase to around 2500.

FUE hair transplant is the preferred method for facial hair or beard transplant. This is because it is extremely precise and less invasive, in comparison to alternative methods which can incur more scarring. FUE beard transplants are scar-free and extremely safe – another reason they are so popular.

Beard Transplant Cost

As the graft number can vary so much, beard transplant costs can also fluctuate. This shouldn’t be too dramatic from reputable clinics or providers, an excessive inflation of prices based on grafts could be a red flag. This is another reason a package price is often preferable.

The location of the medical facilities will affect the cost of a beard transplant. For example, in Turkey, a beard transplant costs between £1000 – £1500. The same procedure in the UK can cost more than four times that amount (£4000 – £6000). Beard transplant costs, as well as all hair transplant procedures, are available at a reduced price in Turkey because the government subsidizes the industry. Medical tourism has brought economic upturn to the country, which the government wants to sustain. To do so, they make their high-quality procedures more available to the everyman rather than charging high prices, limiting the procedures to just celebrities and wealthy individuals.

Furthermore, the medical staff and facilities suitable for hair transplant Turkey are available at a reduced price in comparison to the UK. Please note, that this does not mean the clinics are at all inferior. Turkey is the world leader in hair transplants and hair transplant technology. Surgeons, theatres, and medical facilities available in Turkey are amongst the best in the world, and in many cases, a better standard than those available in the UK.

Prices for medical facilities and equipment are reduced in Turkey because of the boom of medical tourism, which is currently keeping beard transplant costs down – amongst other procedures.

For those traveling from Western countries, the exchange rate for the Turkish lira is extremely favorable. This means it is very affordable to travel to Turkey and stay for a beard transplant. Those who benefit most from the affordable beard transplant costs will come from countries where the currency is one of the following;

  • GDP – this is approximately £1 to the 7TRY
  • Euro
  • USD

What’s Included In Beard Transplant Packages

Beard transplant costs can be calculated in two ways. Some providers list it per graft whilst others provide packages. Those who list it per graft are more likely to enforce all extras, including aftercare and an initial consultation, at an additional fee. In some unreputable cases, the price per graft clinics have been known to overcharge their patients, taking advantage of those who do not know better and who were not informed at an initial consultation.

For the cost of a beard transplant package, the care is so much more comprehensive. Typically, providers will include the medical procedure, aftercare, accommodation, and airport transfers to and from the airport. This is the minimum that should be included with beard transplant costs.

Premium providers might also provide extended aftercare to monitor the progress after a beard transplant. They may offer to provide translation services and aftercare products. Others may offer this for an additional fee, however, in most cases, there are no additional or hidden costs with package transplants.

sule clinic the best hair transplant

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