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Be a Conscious Buyer: Factors That Should Not Increase The Cost Of Hair Transplant

Whenever a person purchases a good or service he does not necessarily go for the first option he sees. Similarly, they don’t buy the product without knowing what is he paying for. It is the same with medical treatments, procedures, or surgery. A wise person would explore and evaluate a large number of options available. He examines the details from surgeons to procedures to which country offers the best service. It may be worth paying a good amount of money for an expensive procedure but not always. It is the same for the cost of a hair transplant.

A hair transplant is one such cosmetic procedure that is worth every penny. Medical institutions and clinics that offer hair transplant procedures usually offer these treatments in the form of packages. The packages include the cost of the treatment, fees of the surgeon, accommodation, post-op check-ups, etc. Other expenses that can add up to the cost of the treatment, things like medications, supplements, and travel expenses. Although these elements are necessary and are genuine reasons to spend, there are some factors that you do not need to pay for or are not necessary. They are just ways to increase the cost of the treatment and the profit enjoyed by the business.

What should not result in the increasing cost of hair transplants?

The first and most important factor is the number of grafts. Generally, the number of grafts to be transplanted or implanted should not be calculated in the cost of the treatment. This is just a reason to make the patient shed out more money in case he or she requires a good number of hair follicles to be transplanted. However, some clinics do charge for the transplant procedure based on the number of grafts to maximize their profit. These clinics also might overestimate the number of grafts a patient needs by stating false reasons and promising better results. So it will be beneficial on the patient’s part to get a hair transplant done from a clinic that does not bring into account the number of grafts while calculating the cost of the treatment or the overall package.

Fancy Words

People are attracted by the marketing campaigns and strategies that some clinics have to offer. It is a basic human instinct. Fancy advertisements such as “Ice FUE” or “Neo-FUE” are some attractive phrases that might tempt an aspiring patient to try. But the fact is, that they all are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) techniques and more or less are the same thing. So, there is no logical explanation for a patient to pay more than the cost of the procedure just to get the same service, procedure, or surgery. If a patient happens to choose the regular FUE technique for a hair transplant, it is a good choice. The patient will not feel like he or she has missed out on the latest technology or medical procedure as the results are precise and effective.


Apart from the fancy marketing strategies, while deciding on a hair transplant, there is one more point to watch out for. Be careful about the experience and qualification of the surgeon and the reliability of the medical tourism company. Some non-negotiable factors contribute to the overall cost of the treatment and the package but the number of grafts should not be a part of it. Fancy adjectives and marketing strategies are just ways to lure a patient into paying more than the required price. However, in some clinics and for special cases the number of grafts to be transplanted might be considered in calculating the hair transplant cost.


Hair transplant is an expensive procedure throughout the world. But if you plan on getting a hair transplant procedure, you can make it affordable by scheduling a hair transplant in Turkey. The hair transplant cost in Istanbul, Izmir, and other major Turkish cities is cheaper as compared to the hair transplant cost in Turkey in other countries. The cost of the treatment is low regardless of what procedure you choose. The low cost of the treatment does not mean that the quality and efficiency of the treatment are cheap too. The procedure in Turkey can get you the same if not better results as compared to the leading medical institutions.

sule clinic the best hair transplant

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