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What Is the Cost of Revision Surgery for Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant procedures need to be carried out by highly experienced professionals. If carried out by under-experienced and under-qualified newcomers to the profession, the results are not going to be satisfactory and will require revision surgery. 

Revision surgeries are generally performed when a patient has gone through a similar or different procedure and has not experienced the desired or usual results. For example, a patient might go for the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) if the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) went wrong or did not produce satisfactory results. 

Speaking of the hair transplant cost for revision surgery, the question arises, why is revision surgery required? There might be a few possible reasons leading to the need for revision surgery. This could be complications from previous procedures, unsatisfactory results, and the need for another transplant procedure. If revision surgery is required due to complications, there are a few reasons for this as well.

Hair transplant costs and revision hair transplant costs are the same because the surgical technique is the same. There is no reason for the cost of the surgeries to differ. However, if the previous surgery involved transplantation of say 1000 grafts and the revision surgery is 2000 grafts, then the cost might increase. If a patient is planning to get a revision surgery, Turkey is a place with experienced and qualified surgeons with the best team. The average hair transplant cost in Turkey is around £1500. The hair transplant cost in Turkey is low compared to other countries. 

Reasons for Revision Surgeries

There are some reasons revision surgeries might be required. These include: 

  • Surgical end – If any complications are caused due to the surgeon and his procedure or choice of operation, the revision surgeries are free at almost all times or may charge a negligible price.
  • Patient end – If complications are caused at the patient’s end, whereby patients do not follow instructions carefully, which are supposed to be carried out post-operation, the damage caused to their transplant might somehow be caused because of pursuing activities that the patient has been warned against. Under these conditions, the patients need to pay the hair transplant cost in Turkey again. The hair transplant cost in Turkey will probably be the same as the previous surgery. The clinic might offer a discount as the patient will be a repeat client.
  • Other reasons – Other reasons for complications might be because of the patient’s weak hormones, lack of regrowth cells hormonal imbalance, or some similar problems in their medical history. In these cases, the patients might have to pay again for the surgery but for the next time, the patient conditions must be considered and evaluated carefully. 

Many other reasons why the hair transplant results do not show up like they are supposed to are:

Tobacco consumption: Nicotine and other chemicals produced when a person smokes tobacco can lead to the reduction of the elasticity of blood vessels in the skin, diminishing the blood supply required for the hair transplants to show results, thus leading to hair transplant failure.

Careless Behavior: In the early stages after the transplant procedure, extra care must be taken to make the hair transplant successful and effective. The transplanted grafts require some precautions and not following the do’s and don’ts post-operation could fail the procedure.

No Follow-up: There are some problems or issues that can certainly be taken care of if the patient follows up with the performing surgeon or with the clinic. Some institutions facilitate the patient by keeping in touch through emails and other means of communication without the need to physically visit the premises.

Although all these factors may lead to transplant failure or unsuccessful procedures, there are many cases in which revision surgery is seemingly the only solution. Patients who have waited for a year or more and have come up with no expected results, the patients are recommended for revision surgery.

The revision surgery must be thoroughly talked through and discussed with the surgeon. Patients and surgeons should be dealing with the treatment plan together with calculating and keeping an account of the risks and possible outcomes. 

Before scheduling a hair transplant, the patient should get counseling and undergo consultations regarding realistic expectations and probabilities of success & failure. In most cases, the implanted grafts have grown successfully, but the patient had expectations of a density that was not possible by surgical methods. The post-operation results must be carefully observed to make a fair assessment of post-operative results. 

sule clinic the best hair transplant

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