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Are Experienced Surgeons Worth the Price?

Why Hair transplants?

There are many products, clinical therapies, and medical procedures that promise to increase hair growth, volume, or regrowth. But are they all effective? Not likely. 

The most successful and preferred method to regrow hair, increase density, or fix baldness is hair transplants.

How much does a hair transplant cost?

The answer is, that there is no fixed price for a hair transplant, the hair transplant cost may vary depending on which hair transplant a person wishes to go for, whether it is scalp hair or facial hair, the medical procedure, the type of surgeon, and so on. Hair transplant procedures do not come at a small cost. Both the treatment and recovery stages will incur considerable costs. But, if the procedure is executed well, the recovery costs are next to negligible. The total hair transplant cost inclusive of treatment and recovery may vary based on multiple factors. 

If a person decides to invest in a hair transplant, it will be worthwhile to invest some time in research to ensure satisfactory results. 

Multiple consultations are recommended to get an idea of the cost and to find the surgeon that’s just right. Do not hesitate to the hair transplant cost in Turkey if a surgeon is genuinely experienced. The high price for an experienced surgeon pays off as it can help a person get the best results possible. Experienced surgeons have expertise in transplant procedures and can be relied on for effective treatment and recovery. Another benefit of choosing an experienced surgeon is that it lowers the risk of any further complications. 

The major difference in hair transplant cost is generally varying between surgeons. This is the same in almost all countries. It is an intelligent choice to schedule transplant procedures in Turkey as the hair transplant cost in Turkey is worth the price.

How Much Does the Treatment Cost?

The hair transplant cost differs a lot and can typically range anywhere between £3k to £12k. These costs are often required to be paid by one’s wallet. A lot of health insurance companies consider hair transplants as a cosmetic procedure and do not cover it under any policy. 

However, the cost of hair transplants depends on many different factors. These include:

  • Geographic Location – The location from where you wish to get the procedure done matters because of the living cost and the number of surgeons performing the surgery in the proximity. Hair transplant cost in Turkey is typically considered the best option. 
  • The type of procedure you choose: The hair transplant procedure can be done using two different techniques, the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Each technique has a different cost.
  • Amount of hair to be transplanted: Just a few patches will cost significantly less as compared to hair transplants on the entire scalp. This is because the scalp hair transplant is calculated by the number of grafts needed to be transplanted.
  • Surgeon: If the surgeon is experienced and considered to be one of the best, the price might be higher. On the other hand, higher rates do not ensure more experience and better skills. Thus, adequate research is advised.

How Much Does the Recovery Stage Cost?

Apart from the hair transplant costs, the recovery stage also costs and should be considered as a part of the treatment cost. The recovery stage costs are incomparable because it does not cost as much as the treatment, the things that a patient is most likely to pay for are some medications and supplementation.

These include:

  • Medication is required during the immediate recovery.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling or puffiness at the site of surgery.
  • Antibiotic medicines to reduce the risk of infection.

If complications of any kind are experienced, mostly an infection, treatment will be required. This can lead to additional expenses, inclusive of the costs for medicines and follow-up visits.

Alternative Options to Hair Transplants

If hair transplant procedures are unaffordable or a person does not wish to have surgical treatments, there are many nonsurgical alternatives a person can try. These alternatives might not prove to be as effective, but trying these remedies won’t harm them.

The non-surgical alternatives are:

  • Minoxidil or Rogaine, which is available with chemists without a prescription. It can be used by everyone irrespective of gender.
  • Finasteride or Propecia tablets, provide results in treating male or female pattern baldness in a period of three to six months only with disciplined and continuous use.
  • Low-level laser therapy can treat hair loss in males and females. It works by stimulating cellular activity promoting hair regrowth and will also strengthen weak hair.
sule clinic the best hair transplant

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