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Affordable Hair Transplant Cost: Turkey vs India

Both Turkey and India are excellent places to go if you’re considering travelling abroad for a hair transplant – they are some of the best countries in the world for cosmetic surgery. They rank extremely highly due to their medical skills and facilities’ prestigious reputations – not just in the cosmetic remit, but for general healthcare. In both Turkey and India, you’ll know you’re in safe hands; medical professionals and equipment are some of the most highly regarded for health tourism in the world, especially as they both offer very competitive prices – but which should you go to? In this post, we explore whether Turkey or India are more suited to you and your healthcare needs.

Of course, despite the similarities in their prowess, there are many logistical reasons clients may choose one location over another – if you live in Europe, Turkey is much closer to you, allowing for a shorter travel time, and a more comfortable recovery. If you reside in some areas of Asia, it makes sense to choose India as your healthcare destination. Additionally, by choosing a country close to you, or in the continent you live, you’ll find their healthcare systems and services are most like your country’s own – which will in turn make you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Why Choose Turkey For a Hair Transplant?

Turkey has performed the highest number of hair transplant operations – so if you’re looking for a qualified doctor with lots of experience in the cosmetic surgery field, Turkey could be an amazing option for you. A huge number of hair transplants are performed in Turkey daily because of the growing demand from patients of the Persian Gulf, in addition to the amazing reputation of Turkish transplant surgeons, whose skills have earned the trust of doctors and patients all over the world. Turkish transplant surgeons are highly qualified specialists, which means you will receive the result you want from your hair transplant due to the excellent JCI-accredited clinics – choosing a clinic with this accreditation allows patients to be confident in choosing Turkey as their hair transplant destination.

In addition to the high-quality cosmetic work, most health tourists prefer to book a hair transplant in Turkey because it is almost the centre of the world – planes fly to Turkey from all over the world, at extremely reasonable prices. The hair transplant cost in Turkey is also extremely low – making it one of the most popular places for people to travel for all their hair transplant needs. Combined with the available surgeries and cheap, accessible flights, Turkey offers great cost savings for hair transplants and combination surgeries.

The benefits of travelling for a hair transplant in India:

Hair transplant costs in India could be lower. This is one of the cheapest places to have a hair transplant, and due to its location, India hosts many hair transplant clients, mainly from Asian countries. Additionally, many of the doctors who work in Indian hospitals have been educated in Western universities and as a result, speak fluent English – this is very convenient as there will be no language barrier for English speakers. This Western education is also beneficial for cultural reasons – they understand what puts Western people at ease, and how Western hospitals operate, so there won’t be a ‘culture clash’ – leaving the patient satisfied and relaxed. Most importantly, many of the hair transplant doctors in India use the latest technology, so if you research properly, it should be easy to find a doctor in India who can fulfil your hair transplant needs.

While both India and Turkey provide high-quality, safe and affordable hair transplants and cosmetic surgery, the countries have distinct advantages, and only you can choose which country fits your needs best and is most convenient for you. For most patient, it comes down to their available time scale. As India is further afield and requires a long-haul flight, it can slow down the healing process, as patients may not be able to travel immediately after their hair transplant.

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