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Affordable Hair Transplant in Turkey

If you’re considering getting a hair transplant, especially this Christmas season, you will see that there are lots of clinics that offer affordable hair transplant costs. Over the past years, many countries have gained a well-deserved reputation in the medical tourism sector. Because the sector is a competitive environment, the prices often vary. You may easily find many clinics to get a surgical procedure done.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best places to be chosen as there are so many reasons that you may be considering. Apart from the fact that Turkey offers affordable options for these procedures, it also has very highly qualified and experienced doctors and surgeons who can provide you with safe and high-quality services. The country boasts of very successful hair transplant procedures including beard transplant, moustache transplant, eyebrow transplant and eyelash transplant. It is known all over that Turkey has the highest concentration of hair transplant surgeons. Here’s a pointer to just why Turkey is your best option for a transplant. You can get high-quality services at affordable prices and still get a chance to tour the city.

The Medical Tourism sector of Turkey has gradually and steadily risen to become one of the biggest additions to the country’s economy. More and more people are visiting Turkey every day for medical tourism and the reason is obvious; Turkey provides almost unmatched medical procedures leaving patients in only their very best shape. And there are so many beautiful locations to visit in Turkey so it’s not just about getting a medical procedure, it’s also about having lots of fun. 

Affordable Hair Transplant in Turkey

Different clinics in different parts of the world offer affordable prices for a hair transplant while other clinics have high prices with other packages such as hotel and private transfers included. 

Now, if you’re looking to get an affordable hair transplant in Turkey, it is important also that you’re looking for a clinic that can offer you quality and not just affordable pricing. It is not enough that a clinic uses affordable pricing as bait to attract you. This clinic needs to also be able to offer very high-quality services.

Here are some important factors you should pay attention to before choosing a clinic to undergo a hair transplant:

1. The surgeon’s experience

Nothing beats having a surgeon who’s well-trained and sufficiently experienced in carrying out the procedure you want to undergo. It is not enough to be formally trained, it is important to have years of experience. Before you let the surgeon get to work on you, you must get a good knowledge of how much experience they have and how many successful procedures such a surgeon has carried out. Do careful research to find out how many patients this surgeon has worked with and how many of these were successful. You certainly do not want to be the patient the surgeon is trying out his expertise on. If they do not have the required experience, then that surgeon may not be your best choice.

2. Before and After Pictures?

This is one thing that satisfactorily points to the experience of the surgeon and the clinic as a whole. Ask to see before and after pictures of previously done procedures to get insight into how good your proposed surgeon is and the level of success they can achieve. Before and after pictures will let you decide whether or not the surgeon in question knows what he or she is doing and if you can entrust yourself to their care. It’s not just about them knowing how to do a transplant, it’s about them knowing how to do it satisfactorily.

3. Reviews on the web and social media 

Online reputation is everything these days. Lots of people have personal and professional information available online including the surgeon who might be about to carry out a hair transplant on you or the clinic. If the clinic or surgeon you’re considering has a website, get on there and read reviews from former patients. Social media is another great place to get tangible information. Visit the social media pages of the clinic or surgeon to get deeper insights on them. Their interactions with people as well as people’s interactions with them will help you determine how they are. Most people will drop their feelings about a particular surgeon or clinic in the comments so you might want to read through too. Just get online, and you’ll find good information to help you make a decision.

4. Professionalism and Qualifications

How qualified is the surgeon who’s about to carry out a procedure on you? This is a very important question to answer. It’s impossible to be a surgeon without getting training or education so you need to find out about their educational background and get information on their CV. 

Also, you need to pay attention to the professionalism of the surgeon or clinic. This is a key factor. Unprofessional clinics/ surgeons are typically not reliable, discreet or even organized. It is important to choose a clinic or surgeon that has principles and knows as well as works with the ethics of professionalism.

5. Aftercare service

A procedure such as a hair transplant requires careful aftercare to ensure quick and proper recovery. A successful hair transplant is not just about the very process of transplanting, it’s also about the aftermath of the procedure. And for this purpose, you would need professional support. You need to ensure that the clinic you’re looking for your hair transplant procedure is willing to offer you aftercare support and walk with you through the recovery process until you’re in perfect condition. Make sure that they have provisions made to support their patients up to full recovery.

6. What previous patients have to say

If it is possible, speak to the surgeon’s or clinic’s previous patients and learn about their experiences. This will help you feel more at ease and get a good knowledge of what you can expect. If you can find other patients who have undergone a hair transplant procedure at the hands of the particular surgeon or clinic you’re considering, it’s great to talk to them. People like this are in the best position to tell you what to look forward to. They have had an experience before you so they know just what you need to know. Apart from offering knowledge on the surgeon or clinic, you’re about to pay for a hair transplant, they can also help to allay your fears especially if they had a successful procedure. 

7. Lifetime Guarantee

Is the clinic giving you a lifetime guarantee after your hair transplant? Have you made sure that the transplant you’re getting is going to last for a lifetime? Here’s another important factor you need to keep in mind. You’re about to spend quite an amount of money on this procedure so you need to know it’s worth it. Only choose a clinic or surgeon that gives you a guarantee of a lifetime. This means that they need to be offering high-quality surgery that puts your hair just in place forever.

8. Country Safety

You don’t want to put yourself at any risk while you’re getting a hair transplant. If you’re travelling out of your home country to get a hair transplant, you need to make good findings of the country you’re about to visit. Find out about how stable, peaceful and safe the country is at the moment to make sure you’re going to have a peaceful experience as you undergo your surgery.

Cheaper is not Always The Better

In addition to all of the above, the cost of the transplant, as mentioned earlier, is one factor you should pay attention to. Hair transplant costs are one of the factors that make it difficult for most people to undergo hair transplant procedures. Many clinics in different parts such as in the United States may offer very high-quality services but they’re also very expensive. In India, the pricing for a hair transplant procedure is more affordable but if you’re looking to get both fair pricing and very high-quality treatment, you should be thinking of Turkey. 

Again, if you are familiar with the destination where you’re going to get your hair transplant, you may find that it is a lot cheaper. Normally, when you visit a city, the taxi drivers tend to charge you more than the normal price. In most cases, the airports are far from hotels and city centres and visitors are forced to spend huge amounts on transport fares. However, if you’re familiar with the city you’re visiting, you may be able to find your way around without getting cheated.

It is important that before you embark on your journey to get a hair transplant, you do good research not just about the hair transplant procedure but also about the city you’re visiting. It is best to have a good understanding of where you’re going as this makes it easier to navigate through the city.

sule clinic the best hair transplant

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