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Hair Extension Cost Compared to Female Hair Transplant Cost

For a lot of women, hairstyles are a way to express themselves. There are lots and lots of hairstyles that women can wear to enhance their appearance and these come in different lengths, shapes, and colours. But, not all of these hairstyles are natural. A lot of women use extensions to achieve the length, size, and style of hair that they want. Many of these women who would love to have a higher density of hair end up having less than they want and so they opt for extensions to get the density they want. A very large number of celebrities also use extensions to get all the sizes and styles that a lot of us admire. We can claim that they are a source of inspiration for hair extensions, or female hair transplants. Here you can find detailed information about how much extensions and female hair transplants cost.

How Much Hair Extensions Cost

The prices of hair extensions generally range from £75 to £2300 depending on the extension type. A clip-in extension to put in your hair and high-quality semi-permanent extensions that are professionally glued in at a salon differ in price. These clip-in and tape-in hair extensions cost around £150, while sew-in, glued-in, fusion, and micro-bead extensions range from £230 to £460.

Normally, your clip-in extensions will last for a year if you do not wear them all the time. Tape-in hair extensions will last 6 to 8 weeks under the same conditions. But none of these will provide you with a natural-looking result. Also, the clips could easily be visible to anyone around you. As an alternative, you can choose to have a real hair weave which will look a lot more natural. However, it will also cost you more money and it will only last for 8 weeks. Bonded extensions would be your most durable option but will require you to pay £1150 to £2300. In addition, this will require you to have maintenance appointments every other month to keep the extensions.

But are you ready to spend thousands of pounds regularly? Ready to spend not just on the hair extensions but on maintenance issues? Instead, you can make it a whole lot easier for yourself by getting a hair transplant surgery in Turkey. Moreover, you can do it at a pocket-friendly rate. What’s more? Apart from the fact that hair transplant surgery is affordable, you will enjoy the results for the rest of your life. You won’t have to keep spending money coming back for more. Female hair transplant cost in Turkey is often between £1,000 and £2,000 and this is a fair price, especially for a one-off procedure.

Female Hair Transplant as an Alternative

There’s nothing better than having your hair as your dream hair. No feeling better than knowing that the dense, full hair on your head is all yours and not some extension. Why use extensions when you can have your very own hair achieving the look you use extensions for? Besides, extensions are expensive, and if you’re not a rich celebrity or super-loaded businesswoman who doesn’t care about money. You do not want to rely on extensions all the time to get your dream hair look. In the face of this, getting a hair transplant is your most cost-effective solution to scarce hair. Several ladies have turned to hair transplant techniques and surgeries to get the density of hair they want. And this option does come with a lot of benefits. 

With hair transplants, you do not have to spend lots of money every single time you want to get a new hairstyle. You can restyle your natural hair in different ways to look just like the models on magazines or TV. Plus, this will give you a more natural-looking result seeing as it is your very own hair.

More Reasons to Get a Hair Transplant Surgery

Apart from the cost-effectiveness of getting a female hair transplant surgery which is one of its most prominent benefits, getting a hair transplant surgery comes with a lot of benefits for a woman who does not have a lot of hair and would love to change that.

Boosted Confidence

Getting a female hair transplant surgery will help to boost your confidence. When that dense, full, beautiful-looking hair on your head is truly yours and not artificial, there’s a whole new level of self-esteem that it gives you generally helping you to feel more feminine and expressive. There’s no denying that it feels satisfying to feel your beautiful hair and know you’re not taking it off anytime soon because well, it’s yours.

No Maintenance Appointments

Getting a female hair transplant surgery provides a one-off solution to the problem of scarce hair for you. Unlike with wigs and extensions, you do not have to return to get your hair transplant redone over and over hence, it saves you time, energy and of course, money.

Hair extensions require way too much commitment and you may not be able to give that. Your hair extensions will need you to make maintenance appointments as well as practice several hair care routines to ensure that they will last longer and stay beautiful. Of course, you would still need to take care of your hair even if it were natural but hair extensions require extra energy to maintain to help them last only for a short period whereas, your natural hair may not require such intense maintenance routines and will still stay on your head forever.

Permanent Results with Female Hair Transplant

Hair extensions are not everlasting and you’re not going to have them with you forever no matter the quality. At most, they will only last for a few years and you can’t use them anymore. This doesn’t compare to the durability of the natural hair that a hair transplant surgery can give you and that will stay with you forever.

Time to Decide

To help you to decide between wearing hair extensions and getting a hair transplant, here are some questions you should answer to yourself:

How long do you want the hair to last with you?

Knowing how long you want the hair to last will help you decide between extensions or hair transplant surgery.  If you don’t mind changing your hair all the time to maintain the look you want, extensions may be a good idea. However, if you do not think you can handle the trouble of having to change your hair every time because it doesn’t last, then it’s not. In that case, hair transplant surgery should be your preferred option. Because it will save you the trouble of having to get your hair redone always. If you want to have that hair that will stay in good shape for a very long time, you should get a hair transplant surgery.

How much money are you willing to spend?

This is a very important question to answer. Whatever option you’re choosing will certainly depend on your ability to manage the financial implications. As we’ve already noted, getting hair extensions is a more expensive option as not only do the individual products cost high but the fact that you have to get a new one quite quickly will have you spending more money. If you do not have a high budget for getting the full hair you want, you should keep in mind that the female hair transplant cost is less than the extension in the long term.

How much time do you have on your hands?

Now, this is another important factor to consider. Female hairstyling can be time-consuming and having to do it many times over is even more time-consuming. Not everyone wants to visit the salon every three weeks to get a new hairdo, not everyone finds that exciting. You’re also probably a very busy woman who cannot spare a lot of time to get her hair done. If this is you, then using hair extensions may not be the thing for you as they will place real demands on your time. Not to mention the time you have to commit to maintenance appointments. If you do not find salon visits quite exciting but you still want to look good, you should get hair transplant surgery.

What style brings out the most confident version of you?

If you ask us, natural hair brings out the best. Nothing feels better than knowing that something as personal as your hair is yours. It’s exciting to know that this full, long hair on your head really belongs to you and is not going away anytime soon. You should answer for yourself too; what hairdo do you want to flaunt? Hair that’s yours or hair that you’ll lose soon. If the artificial, temporary hair works for you then hair extensions could be a great idea. But if you want to make sure that your pretty hair is truly all yours, getting a hair transplant surgery is the way to go. And, it is cheap when you get it done in Turkey.

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