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Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Transplant Price Negotiation

Resolving to get a hair transplant can be a tough decision in itself, but the hard work doesn’t end there. The process of getting one goes through multiple stages, each of which is important. Although choosing the right clinic is imperative, so is getting the best offer for the procedure. This part can be nothing short of exhausting. Understandably so, since you want to get a package that covers the hair transplant cost within your defined budget while the quality remains uncompromised. Finding the right combination can be tiring. Here are the things to watch out for when it comes to hair transplant prices.

As a solution, you can, of course, try price negotiation with the clinics, which can be difficult and exhausting. But it’s better to go prepared about the do’s and don’ts of price negotiation so that you can be in charge of the situation a little. This will help you get the best treatment option at the best price, which is exactly what this post intends for you to achieve. 

Do’s of Hair Transplant Cost Negotiation

First, let’s take a look at the do’s. 

Do Communicate Orally 

As much as social media has facilitated the process of communication with ease and speed, price negotiations mostly work better when oral communication is involved. So, make sure that the negotiations take place on the phone or face-to-face with the clinic’s relevant staff. Using WhatsApp for negotiation can act as a barrier to conveying your side of the story in its entirety.  

When you have a chance to talk to a person instead of texting them, then the tendency of both sides to better explain themselves increases. Another good thing about talking is that it’s more time-efficient. You will be able to get your point across in one sitting and not have multiple interruptions. 

Do Inform the Consultant Properly 

The hair transplant price will be determined according to the procedure opted by you. For that, you do need to inform your consultant thoroughly about your condition. 

You can do that by sending clear resolution and proper photos of the balding areas and donor areas on your head, before the talk. This will make sure that the clinic makes a precise assessment and gives a realistic treatment plan and price offer to you. 

Do Consider All Options 

In the rush of decisions, it is important to not make haste and go with the first clinic you find. Make sure that you consider all of your available options. 

You may end up finding different package options, treatments, cities, and surgeons that might suit you better. To make the best decision, ask about them and their price options.  

Do Ask for Special Offers

Other than the holiday packages that many clinics can offer, there’s another way you can get a better price for your procedure. 

Some clinics offer discounts to their clients if they are getting procedures together as a group or even if they’re alone but getting multiple treatments. 

Don’ts of Hair Transplant Price Negotiation

Just as important as the do’s are the don’ts of price negotiations because they can risk all your other efforts. So, here they are. 

Don’t Begin with “What’s Your Price” 

It’s understandable to be eager to get an answer to the ultimate question of “what’s your price”, but they should not be your first words. Surely before making a decision, you want to reach out to a lot of clinics to learn about your options and, therefore, get a price offer as quickly as possible. However, the latter part isn’t that quick to come by mainly due to two reasons, which are: 

The person you initially get in touch with is probably an appointment coordinator. A professional, experienced, and highly-trained consultant won’t be available on the ring central for obvious reasons and would not be looking at the company’s Instagram messages to give a price immediately. The first person contacted will most likely learn about your name and the treatment that you are interested in. This will lead to booking a call with the consultant where you’ll learn what you’re looking for. 

The price of the procedure isn’t quoted without seeing your case first. For this, as mentioned before, you’ll have to send your photos because every person’s case might be different. 

Don’t Agree Uninformed 

Unless you know the exact details of your package and what’s included in it, don’t agree to a deal. You must ask what the given package price is covering. It’s quite common that the initial price you get may seem cheap enough, but it ends up covering only the cost of the procedure. Only later you may be asked for a lot of additional costs. 

Get a price for a package that covers your needs, whether it is accommodation or post-surgery medications. 

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