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Why Does the DHI Hair Transplant Cost more than the FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair loss has become a pretty common problem among men and women. There are many surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments available today. With non-surgical options also available, many people are opting for surgical methods for the treatment of hair loss. Because surgical procedures yield good results most of the time, given the fact that an experienced and qualified professional performs the procedure post-op guidelines are followed strictly. When it comes to the price, you can see that usually, DHI hair transplant costs are usually higher. If you wonder why,  keep reading.

What are the surgical hair transplant Procedures? 

The most widely used surgical hair transplant procedures are the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), and, the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). There is also the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). The FUT procedure is the least expensive of all, but it is outdated and not recommended anymore. In this procedure, a thin strip of the scalp is removed and then the hair follicles are divided into single units and transplanted into the recipient area. This leaves a scar. 

The FUE procedure costs a bit more than the FUT. In FUE, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area where a punch is used to cut a circular hole around the hair strand. The follicle is then transplanted into the recipient area. This technique requires precision and expertise, thus the cost of this method is more than the FUT technique. The third technique is the DHI technique. This technique is the most expensive one. It is a very effective technique for cases in which not so many grafts are needed. If the baldness is large, FUE might be a better option. In this technique too, punches are made to extract hair follicles, but the diameter of the hole does not exceed the length of 1mm. This is to extract hair follicles one by one from the donor area.

Which technique is better, the FUE or the DHI?

Both the techniques, the FUE and the DHI are good methods for hair transplantation. The preference between the techniques is made by analyzing the requirements and needs of the patient’s special cases. However, while patients are deciding on which hair transplant procedure to opt for between the two, they often find that the cost of the DHI procedure is higher than the cost of the FUE technique. 

Why does the DHI technique cost more?

In the DHI method of hair transplant, each follicle is individually placed directly on the recipient area with the help of the DHI implanter, also called the Choi Pen. 

With the Choi Pen, surgeons can control the depth, direction, and angle of each graft that is to be implanted. Because of this, the new hair that will grow does not fall out. The grafts have a longer life and the final result is 100% natural. The direct implantation of the hair follicles with the Choi Pen helps with achieving a natural look, without visible scars on the treated area. FUE also is a scarless treatment and gives a natural look, but it does not involve the use of the Choi Pen.

The Choi Pen is an instrument, specially designed for hair transplant procedures and hair loss treatments and is an expensive instrument. The cost of Choi Implanter is higher than the equipment used in hair transplant procedures. A special Choi Pen is used to perform the hair transplant procedure using the DHI technique. Apart from this, several implanting instruments are used in a single hair transplant surgery. Therefore, the cost of the DHI technique is higher than the FUE or other hair transplant procedures. 

Except for this, other costs of post-op care, medication, supplementation, accommodation, travel, etc. are the same as other procedures. Only the cost of the DHI procedure is high specifically.

The DHI hair transplant technique is tested and adopted as a standard method. Every step of the procedure is executed to make sure that the patient has maximum comfort. No visible scars, and 100% results that are natural-looking and appealing.


A patient planning to get a hair transplant will find that the cost of the DHI hair transplant procedure is higher than FUE almost everywhere. The patient should also be aware of the fact that DHI hair transplant costs are even higher in the UK than standard procedures. This is because of the demand for the procedure and performing surgeons of this technique. However, for affordable DHI treatment, it can be claimed that Turkey is the best choice. Other hair transplant procedure costs and even DHI hair transplant costs in Turkey are much more affordable as compared to other countries, including the UK.

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