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5 Reasons To Should Travel To Turkey For Hair Transplant

As of 2015, it is estimated that 750,000 medical tourists visit Turkey every year. Since then, we know that the numbers of those traveling for medical tourism and hair transplants in Turkey have only continued to grow. Whilst there are no definitive figures available for hair transplants, there are other qualitative reasons to travel to Turkey for hair transplants.

The decision to commit to a hair transplant can take a long time, especially because the costs in the UK are so high. There are so many factors that can impact a patient’s decision, but these are our top 5 reasons a hair transplant in Turkey is an ideal solution for combatting your hair loss.

More Options With Hair Transplant In Turkey

Turkey is the hair transplant capital of the world. Popularised in the 1990s, procedures steadily grew in volume until recent years when the country experienced a massive influx and boom of those traveling for medical tourism or hair transplants in Turkey. The country invested great economic and educational resources into this industry. As a result, there are expected to be around 350 clinics in Istanbul alone.

Furthermore, because of the education process, the world’s leading and most experienced hair transplant surgeons can be found in Turkey. This combination of facilities that utilize the most advanced medical technologies as well as exceeding the benchmark standard of quality and premium surgeons maximizes the chance for impressive hair transplant results.

It is important to research and investigate clinics and providers before committing to a hair transplant in Turkey. Just for-profit providers will work out of facilities of a lower standard as this will allow them to maximize their revenue. All facilities and providers should be able to provide information about a clinic should they wish to enquire at any point during their hair transplant process.

Better Value For Money

As expected, one of the most important factors for those considering a hair transplant in Turkey is the cost of the procedure. Hair transplants in Turkey are extremely affordable, especially when they are compared with the prices in the UK or other Western countries. They are, on average, 4 times more expensive in the UK than in Turkey.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that two-thirds of the cost of a medical procedure is labor-related. As the cost of living in Turkey is dramatically cheaper than in the UK, the salary of a surgeon is also fractional and keeps the cost of hair transplant down. Furthermore, the fees for an operating theatre, accommodation, and other cost factors are significantly lower than those available in the UK. This includes medical insurance premiums which provide the same standard of coverage but are also cheaper abroad.

Quicker, Long-Term Solutions to Hair Loss

Hair transplants in Turkey are extremely efficient. Of course, this will depend on the type of procedure but a typical FUE hair transplant can be completed in a day. Eyelash or eyebrow transplants take as little as two hours. The speed at which they can be performed, as well as the volume of clinics and facilities, means there is little to no waiting list even with the best providers in the country.

Patients should not feel they are being rushed to the operating theatre, but when they are confident with their decision to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey, it is recommended that all patients attend an initial consultation in the UK or speak to at least one specialist consultant over the phone. After this is complete, all travel arrangements can be made, and patients can receive a hair transplant as soon as it is convenient for them.

Accessible Hair Transplants in Turkey

As Turkey is an extremely popular destination, both for holidaymakers and medical tourists traveling from the UK, flights and travel options are plentiful. It is easy to reach the key locations for hair transplants in Turkey.

Similarly, UK citizens are only required to complete a very simple and easily accessible visa. This can all be completed online and will only cost £15. Depending on where a patient is traveling from, some countries do not require a visa to travel for a hair transplant in Turkey.

Traveling To Turkey For Hair Transplant

Traveling is always fun and exciting. Depending on the package for hair transplant, some providers may provide a dedicated travel coordinator. This means, that if a patient wishes to, they can take the time before their procedure to explore this wonderful country. In both Izmir and Istanbul, there is so much to see and do. The culture is rich, the food is fantastic, and the cities are utterly astounding. Exercise, sweat, and exposure to certain environments, such as saunas, should all be avoided, but this can all be discussed with the medical team and travel coordinators depending on your desired treatment plan.

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