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Hair Transplant Izmir

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Izmir is an up-and-coming location for hair transplants and cosmetic procedures. Due to the influx of patients and the popularity of cosmetic and hair transplant procedures in Turkey, the government can subsidize the cost of some procedures. This means that Izmir hair transplant clinics that are accredited and approved by the government can reduce the cost of their hair transplant procedures to continue to fuel the economy.

Izmir is located on the west coast of Turkey. This is ideal for patients traveling from Europe, the UK, and even further afield in the West who are looking to avoid the bolstered and inflated prices of hair transplants.

Cost Of Hair Transplant In Izmir

Izmir hair transplants are among the cheapest available in Turkey. Patients should expect to pay between £1,000 – £2,500 for hair transplants in Izmir.

Izmir hair transplant costs should include:

  • Desired procedure
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfers
  • Aftercare
  • Access to consultants and aftercare services
  • Medication & aftercare products

It will not include:

  • Flights

Flights from London to Izimr cost £100 – £300 and the journey time is approximately 3 hours. This makes Izmir hair transplant accessible and convenient, perfect for the everyman looking to transform their appearance at an affordable price point. Patients flying from around mainland Europe can expect to pay similar prices for flights.

Izmir hair transplant is cheaper than other locations in Turkey because it is a less established city. For example, Ankara clinics inflate their prices as it is the capital, but the facilities in Izmir match and exceed the standard set for transplant clinics around the world, including those for hair transplants in Istanbul. 

How The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Izmir Is Calculated

There are two methods for calculating the cost of hair transplants in Izmir. Although Izmir is home to some of the best medical practices and state-of-the-art cosmetic facilities, it is cheaper to establish a clinic in this city. This means it is likely to have more just-for-profit organizations as the reduced overheads allow these businesses to maximize their profits even further.

Method 1: Price per graft

Patients will be quoted the number of grafts the doctor believes is required for a hair transplant. Beware as this number is often inflated to financially benefit the clinic. Clinics can then deliver poor or patchy results, claiming another session and that more grafts are required, resulting in patients paying double for their hair transplant Izmir. This can be for FUT hair transplants or FUE hair transplants

Method 2: Max grafts packages

Reputable hair transplant Izmir clinics will invite a patient to a consultation or liaise and communicate with them to realistically discuss what can be achieved. Although hair transplants are transformative and incredibly successful, it is important to manage the expectation of what can be achieved from the donor area.

Surgeons and specialists will then be able to quote the maximum number of grafts for one session. This will give a more realistic indication of what can be achieved and a more accurate price for the work required.

Reputable Hair Transplant Clinics In Izmir

For a successful hair transplant, it is imperative to verify the reputation and quality of the clinic you have chosen. The most expensive clinic does not guarantee the best results and there are many factors a prospective patient should consider when looking for an Izmir hair transplant. These include;

  • Education & experience of surgeons – This should be supplied before arriving for hair transplant surgery in Izmir at an initial consultation.
  • Success & authentic reviews of the procedure – Some clinics have a roster of past patients who are willing to be contacted to give private reviews. Due to the stigma around cosmetic surgery and patient confidentiality, this can sometimes be restricted. Authentic hair transplant practices should have reviews readily available on their website. Before and after images should also be supplied at an initial consultation. Seeing the amazing results of the proposed treatment can help patients justify the cost of an Izmir hair transplant.
  • Aftercare package – To maximize profit, some medical organizations use aftercare as an opportunity to bolt on a hidden or extra cost. Ask your clinic what their protocol for aftercare is. Patients should expect six months of contact as a minimum.
  • Pricing strategy – As above, it’s better to opt. for a package that quotes the maximum number of grafts required to ensure successful transplantation, premium results, and a reliable service.
  • Services available – the list of services an Izmir hair transplant clinic provides will give a good indication as to the technology they use and the quality of the facilities. For example, high-quality clinics will be able to offer Sapphire FUE for improved results. Additionally, enquire with your provider about PRP injections. Although some hair types are not suitable for a large number of grafts, PRP treatment can stimulate growth and healthy hair. These should be available to include in your hair transplant Izmir package, at a small premium.
sule clinic the best hair transplant

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Female Hair Transplant

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