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It is anticipated that throughout their lifetime, 50% of women will experience severe hair loss. This is often a result of hormonal changes, but traction alopecia and excessive use of heat can also result in dramatic hair loss. This leaves so many women losing confidence in their appearance as they are unsure how to regain how they once looked, but many turn to female hair transplant procedures.

Female hair transplants are extremely effective at revitalizing growth and improving the appearance of hair on the head. Women can improve the density of their hair and achieve a natural, luscious look. There is no specific female hair transplant procedure available, but clinics can provide an integrative treatment plan. Female hair transplant Turkey can combine FUE hair transplant with the option for U-FUE, which does not require the patient to shave their head. Alternatively, DHI hair transplant (direct hair implantation) is also a popular method for female pattern baldness and other causes of hair loss. Female hair transplant procedures are the most advanced techniques available to maximize the success of natural re-growth.

PRP injections are also able to stimulate re-growth and the quality of the existing hair, whilst still being non-invasive. A bespoke transplant procedure and treatment plan should be determined between the patient and their chosen clinic at an initial consultation. At this stage, women can ask their chosen doctor how much a female hair transplant will cost, as this will vary depending on the treatments that are deemed necessary.

The initial consultation should also establish what can be achieved and the level of surgery required. Due to the advanced techniques and innovative technology required for female hair transplants, women must book with a reputable clinic. Female hair transplant Turkey provides state-of-the-art facilities and are world leader in hair transplant experience, technology, and procedures. Hair transplants for female pattern baldness or other causes of hair loss are more complicated and extremely intricate compared to other procedures; qualified and experienced surgeons will know how to provide natural results and handle the surgery sensitively and discreetly.

How Much Is a Female Hair Transplant?

Female hair transplant in Turkey are extremely affordable, particularly compared to facilities in the UK. Female hair transplant is cost-effective as a long-term solution to hair loss. As female hair transplant procedures will be tailored to individual patients and integrate various techniques, the price of the procedure will vary considerably making it hard to determine how much a female hair transplant will be. As with all other methods of transplant, the cost will also depend on the degree of hair loss.

Due to the emotional effect of hair loss in women, they tend to react quicker to hair loss in comparison to men. Fortunately, this means that women are more likely to still have extremely healthy donor follicles, making them good candidates for female hair transplants. Therefore, the cost of female hair transplant is likely to be reduced as they are less likely to be at an accelerated stage on the Norwood scale, and thus, the degree of hair loss is not too severe for surgery.

Hair transplant for female pattern baldness may require multiple sessions and this will also impact the cost. Again, this can be discussed at an initial consultation with an experienced surgeon. It is a good idea to ask your surgeon or consultant for before and after hair transplant pictures to see what can be achieved with the proposed procedures. At the point of an initial consultation, patients should not be committed to the cost of their procedure.

Female Hair Transplant Turkey Package

Female hair transplant procedures in Turkey are likely to be priced as a package. This will be a bespoke package, tailored to individual treatment plans, but should still be ‘all-inclusive’, providing accommodation and a comprehensive aftercare package. The quality of premium female hair transplant Turkey packages is a positive indication of the standard of the facility, i.e. the better the package, the better the facility. Reputable clinics with experienced medical staff and the latest technology are also more likely to be able to offer procedures such as PRP treatment and multiple methods for hair transplant, such as FUE hair transplant.

It is important to choose a female hair transplant procedure that provides quality, comfortable accommodation. This will enable patients to recover at their leisure and relax, which can dramatically improve the success and quality of re-growth. Reputable packages will also include recovery materials and products to use that will care for your hair after the procedure. Female hair transplants in Turkey will not include the cost of flights, but these rarely exceed £200 from London.

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