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Facial Hair Transplant, Yes! That’s a Thing

Facial hair- a beard and moustache are as important as the hair on the head. Everyone already knows about hair transplants and various procedures of transplants, but there is no need to worry about patchy beards anymore. Beard and moustache transplants are in high demand since the trending style and fashion of beards have come into play. Many people enjoy the liberty of growing full, thick and spotless beards but many men experience an unfortunate lack of growth because of patches and scars that won’t allow them to grow such beards.

What Is a Beard or Moustache Transplant?

A moustache or beard transplant is a cosmetic procedure performed on men who suffer from problems like spotty or patchy beards, sideburns or moustaches. There are several reasons for this. Absence of hair could be hereditary, due to surgical scars, burns or accidents. For some males, growing a beard or moustache is a symbol of manhood and strength, while for others it is a mandatory requirement in their religion. A beard or moustache is also a style statement irrespective of age.

The beard and moustache transplant is trickier and more technical as the direction and angle of hair change in different areas of the beard and moustache. Thus, an experienced surgeon needs to understand the natural pattern of facial hair and might improvise accordingly. Apart from this, the surgical method of transplant essentially remains the same.

What Is the Treatment Procedure?

Doctors and surgeons prefer the FUE technique for facial hair transplants, the same FUE technique that is used for hair transplantation over the scalp. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. The procedure is performed under great supervision and yields satisfactory results. It is safe and effective for the skin on your face, as it is sensitive. The FUE technique is very effective where patches that need transplants are small. 

In this method, grafts are extracted from one location and implanted in the target location. Thereby, the texture of the hair at both locations must be nearly the same so that it appears to be natural and not artificial. As the back of the head (preferable donor site) has an abundant amount of hair, all the patches and spots can be treated in a single visit. Once the beard transplant procedure is complete, the hair grows naturally and can be trimmed, shaved or groomed as per personal choice.

Who Needs a Beard or Moustache Transplant?

  • Those who wish to have a natural-looking, thick beard or moustache.
  • Someone with a patchy beard or moustache.
  • Men who have scarry patches and have no hair because of accidents.
  • Those who have lost hair due to allergies or reactions.

The number of beard and moustache implants performed is less, as compared to hair transplants. The reason behind this is the lack of awareness in people that such a procedure exists. The process of beard and moustache transplant or beard and moustache surgery is trickier in comparison to other surgeries. It involves a lot of technical labour since the angle of the moustache changes at different places of the face. It requires a lot of specific planning by the doctor and is completely customized according to the pattern of hair growth and the requirements of the individual. With the aid of a beard or moustache implant, men with sparse and spotty facial hair can get a good, thick crop of it. Facial hair implant works by restoring hair on the beard and moustache.

Does The Beard Transplant Cost Differ from Moustache Transplant Cost In Turkey?

Many medical professionals state that the beard transplant cost and the moustache transplant costs differ. Many other clinics say that the beard transplant cost and the moustache transplant costs in Turkey may vary depending on the number of grafts. This is not fair, as both the transplants have the same procedure and the mode of operation is generally the same. The institutions that claim that the prices differ, basically do so to charge high and make a good profit out of the treatment. 

If a person wishes to have both the beard and moustache transplants, it is possible to combine both procedures in one visit. If the institution offers or recommends multiple visits and you choose to get it done, you will simply be paying double the cost or even more.

The beard and moustache transplant cost in Turkey is found to be affordable as Turkey is now in the limelight for cosmetic procedures like beard and moustache transplants. hair transplant and much more.

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