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Cost of Spending 2 Days in Turkey During Hair Transplant Procedure

The most important role of scalp hair on the human body is to enhance the visual appearance of a person. It is essential whether they are male or female. The way a person carries his or her hair can say a lot about his or her personality and living habits. Moreover, good hair can play a key role in keeping up the self-esteem of a person. That makes him or her more confident. Unfortunately, many people tend to experience low esteem and confidence due to hair problems like hair thinning, hair loss, or a patchy set of hair. This happens commonly because of a lack of proper care and an unhealthy lifestyle. Other than this, hair problems are also genetic in many cases. 

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

It is possible to control hair problems in the initial stages with treatments. The treatments involve therapy, medication, and precautions. However, in case of severe hair problems like hair loss and baldness the only option left is that of a hair transplant. Thanks to advanced science & technology these hair transplant procedures are efficient and provide natural results when performed by experienced and qualified doctors.

The hair transplant procedure is a cosmetic surgery and the most controversial medical treatment. With rising demand and competition in the hair transplant industry, the number of inexperienced doctors and underperforming medical institutions is large, too. Turkey has emerged as a leading destination for medical tourism as the hair transplant cost in Turkey along with many other cosmetic procedures. It is quite affordable as compared to other places around the world. Due to this fact, many medical institutions have designed packages to lure patients towards them without the effectiveness and results that the renowned medical institutions provide.

Why Is Turkey Best For Patients?

Turkey is situated in the Western part of Asia and also shares a region with southeastern Europe. The atmosphere of Turkey has a very eco-friendly environment. Apart from this, the accommodation and clinics are situated in locations an atmosphere that assists in better recovery for patients. Moreover, many cities in Turkey have pocket-friendly expenses because of the affordable lifestyle and low living standards. This is the main cause of medical treatments being cheap as compared to the treatments in other regions. Turkey is also a tourist spot, so the patients coming to Turkey can also have a relaxing time after their treatment to aid efficient recovery. 

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

In Turkey, medical institutions have packages that usually include the cost of the treatment, traveling to and from Turkey, and accommodation. The cost of the package can vary depending on the hair transplant procedure and the number of days required for the treatment. Generally, two days are just about enough to get the treatment done. As hair transplant procedures are surgical treatments and are performed with a thorough examination and great efficiency the cost is high and generally ranges between 3K to 12K. Due to the cheap and affordable lifestyle in Turkey, you can get a hair transplant from about £1500 – £2500. Almost all of the expenses are generally covered in the package, an amount of £200 is more than enough for local commuting, food, etc. Ultimately, it is the patient’s choice of how much money he or she wishes to carry.

What does a Hair Transplant Cost Include?

Consultation Sessions

Before a Hair transplant procedure day, the specialists call the patient They talk about assessment and discuss his lifestyle, habits, and medical history. This is a consultation or counselling session of which the cost is included in the package


If the patient has a medical history or he or she has some illness, the clinics provide proper medication and the best procedure accordingly. These medications come in the pre-op and post-op sessions. These medications do not require expenses excluding the package except in situations where unavailable medication or supplementation is to be provided.

Specialist After Care products 

After the hair transplant, the patient should use certain aftercare products to ensure a speedy recovery and see efficient results. These products include shampoos, supplements, medications, etc. They are generally in the package.

Airport Transfer

Patients also receive hospitality starting from the airport that is escort service, boarding, lodging, food & beverages, etc. The hair transplantation clinic takes care of the transfers included in the package.


Accommodation is also included in the package, generally. Since the hair transplant treatment requires a couple of days, all the necessary arrangements are made. The location of accommodation mostly lies in the vicinity of the medical institution.


This is a post-treatment procedure to observe the effectiveness of the treatment. The specialist may allow the patient to leave as early as possible considering that the patient has no complications and is fit for travel.

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