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Why is Hair Transplant Cheaper in Turkey?

Turkey has become the world’s most popular destination for hair transplants, as well as a multitude of other cosmetic procedures. The boom in traffic for those seeking non-essential medical travel in Turkey is largely due to affordable hair transplants in Turkey. As the stigma around hair transplants and all cosmetic procedures falls away, more and more people are considering their options on how to boost their confidence. Combined with the cheap hair transplants available in Turkey, the volume of medical tourists visiting Istanbul and Izmir is booming. There are an estimated 500 hair transplants in Turkey every single week. Our guide looks at why hair transplant is considerably cheaper in Turkey and what that means for those considering medical travel.

Affordable Hair Transplant In Turkey

A cheap hair transplant in Turkey is most affordable for those who are travelling from Western countries. This is because medical tourists benefit from the economic differences between the countries. For example, the Great British Pound (GBP) to Turkish Lira (TYR) exchange rate is approximately £1 to 7TYR. There are minor fluctuations on account of economic uncertainties surrounding Brexit but this is generally quite a stable figure. Furthermore, even with minor fluctuations, hair transplants in Turkey cost are still extremely affordable for those travelling from countries where the currency is one of the following:

  • GBP
  • USD
  • Euro

The popularity of Turkey, both as a holiday destination and for medical tourism, means that flights are extremely frequent and affordable. Passengers can expect to pay as little as £40 from London airport to Istanbul. This helps to keep hair transplants in Turkey affordable and accessible to more people.

Affordable hair transplants in Turkey are also readily available due to the overall cost of living. The minimum wage in the UK is £7.50, whilst in Turkey, it is the equivalent of £1. As a result, this keeps the variables of a medical procedure down; operating theatre fees, medical staff wages and insurance premiums are all extremely affordable for hair transplants in Turkey.

Despite the reduced costs, medical facilities and the quality of procedures available in Turkey are equal to that in the UK, if not better. The influx of capital and economic growth in Turkey as a result of medical tourism has also seen an improvement in brand-new, world-class facilities. Turkey is now a leading expert in these procedures, continuing to improve the quality and success of all cosmetic surgeries. They are also developing new technologies for less invasive and more precise treatments. This standard of facility is not readily available in the UK.

Turkish Government Keep Costs of Hair Transplant Down

The second crucial reason hair transplants are affordable in Turkey is that the government subsidises select providers. Some providers can offer affordable hair transplants in Turkey because the government supports our procedures, to attract more international patients to Turkey. Ultimately, this promotes the country and its economic standing.

Over the past decade, Turkey has enjoyed a financial upturn as a result of medical tourism. The government wishes to make this sustainable to continue the trajectory they are on which has allowed them to improve their infrastructure and global standing. The best way to maintain this income is to increase the volume of those travelling to the country, which has resulted in extremely affordable hair transplants in Turkey, accessible to a greater target market rather than just high-earning and elite individuals.

Affordable hair transplant in Turkey is also facilitated by other government schemes which encourage the industry at an educational level. Medical schools in Turkey are now world-class, attracting more and more young doctors and hair transplant specialists.

Cost Effective Procedures

Cheap hair transplants in Turkey are also extremely cost-effective in comparison to alternative solutions to hair loss. For example, eyelash transplants or eyebrow transplants are cheaper than repetitive, semi-permanent beauty treatments such as microblading because they are a long-term solution at a one-off cost.

Furthermore, cheap hair transplants in Turkey are also available at package prices. Comprehensive packages help to ensure a successful transplant. Packages include the cost of the procedure, accommodation, aftercare and a host of additional services. Alternate pricing strategies will enforce extra costs onto their patients to bolster the costs of cheap hair transplants in Turkey.

sule clinic the best hair transplant

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