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Afro Hair Transplant

Both afro-Caribbean men and women suffer from a naturally higher rate of hair loss, but fortunately, they are suitable for specific afro-hair transplant procedures. Hair that experiences a lot of tension, such as continuously being put into braids, scraped back, or into dreadlocks, is more likely to experience traction alopecia, one of the most common causes of afro hair loss. Afro-hair transplant procedures are a long-term solution to any kind of hair loss; however, the process is particularly intricate. This is because the natural shape and condition of the hair follicles make them harder to extract successfully. Hair follicles that curl must be extracted with extreme precision to minimise breakage. The afro-hair transplant surgeon is also required to pay extra attention to the potential of implanting or causing ingrown hair, as dense, curly hair is most susceptible to spiralling inward. These can lead to soreness and even infection, which can dramatically impact the success of any hair transplant.

Afro hair transplants are not a specific surgery, but rather a hair transplant for afro hair. Individual patients will need to be evaluated to see if they are suitable for FUT hair transplant or the newer FUE hair transplant. Wherever possible, it is best to opt for the FUE as it is much less invasive; FUE afro hair transplant cost will also be much more competitive. FUT is still impressively successful but can be slightly more expensive despite being the traditional method for hair transplant. This procedure also has an increased risk of scarring, which is a particularly important consideration for afro hair transplants as patients have an increased risk of inherited keloid scarring.  

Surgeons who are knowledgeable and experienced must perform an afro-hair transplant for it to be successful. A lot of skill is required to maximise the success of hair transplants for afro-hair, as the extraction and reimplantation need to be extremely accurate, and any small issue can increase the risk of scarring.

Afro hair transplant in Turkey are typically the best route. Turkey is leading the charge around the world in hair transplant technology. Due to the skill and technology required to achieve the best results, patients will need to attend the very best facilities. Afro-hair transplants are a cost-effective route for regaining confidence and hair growth. Often, this is the only route to re-stimulate growth for this hair type.

Afro Hair Transplant Cost

Afro-hair transplant costs can vary dramatically. This is because the best procedure for afro hair transplant can vary depending on hair type, degree of hair loss, and suitability.

Patients should expect the following costs for afro hair transplant;

  • FUE Afro hair transplant cost – £1,100+
  • FUT Afro hair transplant cost – £1,100+

FUT Afro hair transplant cost – £1,100+ Hair transplant Turkey for afro hair will often be priced in packages. This enables facilities to monitor the progress of a patient after their procedure and is more likely to deliver success. The cost of an afro hair transplant is likely to include accommodations, airport transport, a comprehensive aftercare program, medication, and complementary products to care for the new hair.

When investigating facilities and packages for afro-hair transplants, patients should consider more than just the cost. It is equally important to consider the number of consultations and the level of support and care that are provided. This will ensure that your afro-hair transplant is cost-effective and well worth the investment, with an improved chance of a high-quality transplant with successful re-growth.

Attending An Afro Hair Transplant Consultation

Afro-hair transplant procedures have a long list of factors that can impact their success, but this will vary depending on the individual case. All of this, including the type of hair transplant surgery that will be the most effective, will be discussed in an initial consultation.

Afro-Caribbean hair transplant Turkey should also be able to attend a consultation in their own country. It is crucial to evaluate before and after evidence provided by the consultant or surgeon to gauge if an afro-hair transplant is cost-effective for your desired results. Afro-hair transplant costs can be discussed at an initial consultation. At this stage, patients should not be committed to any prices or procedures.

Due to the increased risk potential of hair transplant for afro hair, patients should have access to consultants or a medical team, experienced and knowledgeable in their hair type and in hair transplants, in case of any scarring or concerns during the re-growth stage.

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