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New Hair Transplant Techniques With Their Costs 2024

Hair transplant technology continues to get better every day. Both potential patients and hair transplant clinics continuously follow scientific developments and the latest techniques. There are several new methods and each one has its own hair transplant cost. Clinics sell these new transplant methods at higher prices. Due to the difference in hair transplant cost by type, people believe that these techniques are more effective and complicated procedures.

However, this may not be true. Not all transplant methods are effective, complicated and worth selling at a high price. While some of these developments are real, others are just fancy marketing words to sell the same treatment at a higher price. Lots of hair transplant practitioners today are claiming that there are new additions to hair transplant procedures. This is the reason why there is an increase in price for some of these procedures. But this is not necessarily the case as some of these supposedly new additions are not special and should not cost more.

These different new hair transplant techniques are ICE FUE, hair cloning, needle-free, Perkutan Technique, and Sapphire blade technique. Let’s look at them one by one and learn which ones are new developments in reality.


This hair transplant technique involves the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area of the scalp and transplantation to the balding areas of the patient. These follicles are taken from the back of the head, the area between the ears. They are resistant to the hormone that causes hair loss. Moreover, the donor area is the healthiest part of the scalp with a lot of hair growth.  

These days, practitioners claim that the ICE FUE hair transplant method has brought something new to the technique. Hair roots which have originally been taken from the nape area are kept in a special liquid in a specially developed device. Companies claim that this method of hair transplant is very highly technical. They claim it is the most effective way of getting the most value out of every donor’s hair.

However, the claim that extracted follicles are held in a specially developed device that keeps them in an icy special liquid is not exactly true. The extracted grafts in the normal FUE procedure are also kept in a liquid that keeps them alive. What this means is that the ICE FUE method is not a lot different from the basic FUE method and hence, should not cost more.

Even though this is effective and can deliver the results you’re looking for, the whole ICE FUE method is fabricated just for marketing purposes and should cost just the same as FUE. The practice of using icy special liquid does not call for extra costs. 

Hair Cloning

Also known as hair multiplication, this is a proposed technique for the treatment of hair loss and baldness. The concept is to extract small and healthy hair follicles from the donor site and then isolate specific cells in these follicles and grow them in a laboratory to cultivate multiple clones of them which will generate new hair follicles when they are transplanted into the scalp. 

Research is still ongoing on hair cloning technology and is still in its early stages. As a result, the exact cost of the procedure is not specific seeing as the procedure is not yet legal and there’s no telling whether or not it will be. Based on this, we recommend that you do not bank on this technique. There are other techniques which have been proven to be effective and are available at fair prices. We recommend that you do not pay for a procedure which is still under research, still currently not legal and whose price is uncertain.

Needle-Free Hair Transplant Cost

This is an effective hair transplant technique that makes its procedure comfortable and dependable. In this method, the medical team uses a jet injector instead of a needle. Here, a high-speed stream of fluid is used, instead of a needle, to administer an anaesthetic that penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream. The use of the needle-free hair transplant technique administers a pain-free anaesthetic. It is a great way to ensure that patients who have a phobia of needles can go through the treatment in comfort and without fear.

This method of hair transplant is one that clinics offer for free to patients who are scared of needles. However, some clinics currently charge to offer this pain-free anaesthesia. If your clinic asks you to pay for this, you should know that there are other places where you can get this free. In those cases, it’s better to get price offers from other clinics.

Sapphire Hair Transplant Cost

This hair transplant procedure is also a form of FUE. It requires using a micro motor and micro punch to take hair from the donor site which is usually at the back of the neck and then transplanting the extracted hair to balding areas. 

In the sapphire method, surgeons use sapphire blades instead of metal blades. These blades are made from a gemstone called sapphire. The blades help to reduce the formation of scabs and quicken the recovery process. In this hair transplant method, the local anaesthesia should be administered to the patient. Then the hair follicles are removed, one after the other, from the donor area using micro motor and micro punches. The sizes of the punches are in sizes of 0,6 – 0,7 – 0,8 mm in diameter. These extracted hair follicles are then transplanted to the incisions which have on the patient’s head. 

These channels typically have a huge impact on the density, angle, and direction of the growth of your hair. These determine whether or not the hair transplant will have a natural look. 

Creating these incisions is the most important part of having a successful hair transplant operation. Sapphire blades are the best possible way to open these microincisions. They will house the newly transplanted hair follicles. So, after the micro incisions have been made, the hair follicles will then be transplanted into them. These micro-incisions would be at the same length as the hair follicles. With the use of smooth, sharp and durable sapphire blades, opening more channels is possible. Therefore, the surgeon can transplant the extracted hair follicles closer to each other.

When surgeons perform FUE with sapphire blades, it enables denser transplantations than the density that metal blades provide. This hair transplant method also usually requires a lot smaller incisions so the tissue recovery is normally faster. Replacing steel blades with Sapphire ones normally costs around £50-£100. 

The Most Cost-Efficient Technique

It is important to be cautious when planning to get hair transplant surgery as lots of marketing strategies are flying around today. Mostly just to take advantage of people to make more money, clinics may make you a victim of these extra cost marketing if you’re not paying good attention. You should be careful not to be led into paying a lot more money for a procedure that should cost a lot less. Most of these companies exaggerate the impact of the new procedures to advertise them.

Getting a hair transplant surgery in Turkey also affords you a much cheaper option for a hair transplant. Especially when compared to other parts like Europe or the United States. Lots and lots of people are visiting Turkey, these days, from other parts of the world to get hair transplant surgery. This is because in addition to the fact that Turkey can boast of very good, experienced and qualified surgeons who deliver some of the best results. The country also offers these procedures at very affordable prices. You will be certain of getting the best service, worth your time and money at Tukey.


If you want to undergo a hair transplant procedure at an affordable rate, you should visit Turkey. Also, you should be cautious to avoid the marketing trap of paying more money for cheaper procedures. Get your hair transplant surgery in Turkey with good research to avoid this.

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