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How Much Do Hair Transplant Consultations Cost?

Continued hair loss can be a source of distress and loss of self-esteem for many people. It’s natural to look for a way that can help remedy the problem. This leads a lot towards choosing hair transplant surgery. But soon after you’ve made the decision, you should give due significance to a consultation. It is quite common for anyone getting hair transplant surgery to have their mind filled with different questions. You may wonder about hair transplant costs with its consultations. While you may have researched the necessary information on your own, consultations are always necessary. 

In dealing with things such as hair transplant costs, the required treatment, and overall budgeting, many people wonder whether they’ll be able to get free consultations. This post will help you know all about any costs that you might incur as a result of consultations, in different scenarios. 

Getting Free Consultations 

Many clinics understand and realize that the patients need appropriate guidance and education before they can make an informed decision. In a consultation, you might become more familiar with the options that are available for you, different types of treatments, the time it will take for the hair to grow back, recovery periods, and, of course, the post-op care. Any concerns that you might have can all be addressed in it.  

Fortunately, many clinics offer free consultations to their patients. This helps both parties as the patient will know what exactly to expect as a result of the surgery once they have taken the consult. 

If both you and the clinic are in the same city, then you can simply call them to book an appointment and show your hair by going there. However, if the clinic is in some other city or country for that matter, then at most you’ll be asked to send photos of the hair from different angles. This will help them make an assessment, arrange a consultation session to inform you about the graft number, offer a treatment plan, and give the overall price.

Consultations that Can Cost 

In some cases, the consultations will cost you money. For instance, a few reputable medical tourism companies may have offices in the UK, but it’s always better to look up and contact them for consultations; you might get a free consultation during the weekdays but booking on weekends can cost you around £20. 

Another time when you’ll most likely be charged for consultation is if you want to have a face-to-face consultation with the surgeon himself in London. It is rare though for many medical tourism companies to have surgeons in London which can help explain the cost. 

Who Will Assist You? 

Before buying of the package, patients usually consult with a member of the medical company, who although has expertise in the relevant field, is not an operating doctor. You will, however, consult with the surgeon once the package has been booked and you’ve arrived in Turkey to get surgery. 

Why Consultations are Important? 

There are multiple reasons why consultations are important when it comes to hair transplant surgery. Some of them are: 

Assessing the Donor Area and Suitable Treatment 

You might know a lot about the different transplant surgeries such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), DHI (Direct Hair Implementation), and other non-surgical treatments (such as PRP Therapy). But it is through consultation that you’ll get to know the treatment that you’ll be needing. Furthermore, the health of the donor area will also be examined. In other words, your surgeon will examine your hair on the back or side of your head. This is where the grafts will be extracted.

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost 

Hair transplant cost isn’t only about the surgery itself. Many other additional costs form the overall price package such as hotels, transfer service, and flights. You can also discuss if you need more than one treatment and see if it can be accommodated in your allocated budget. 


The stresses of the hair transplant journey can overwhelm anyone. It is, after all, a very important decision in your life. So it is okay to feel scared as you might be doing it for the first time. This is why many medical tourism companies understand the importance of consultations for their patients. Although you can get them for free from many clinics, you might be charged for some. 

Considering the FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey, which can range from £1k-3k on average, a small consultation fee, if any, might not upset your budget too much. 

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