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Comparing Your Entire False Eyelash Wastage with a Permanent Eyelash Transplant

Accentuated facial features have become a hallmark of beauty. The cosmetic surgery industry is witnessing a surge in the number of people seeking bigger eyes and lips. Even a need for fuller eyelashes has grown in demand, which has led to many clinics offering eyelash transplant surgery. Our health seems to be garnering greater attention.

Eyelash transplant cost varies from one country to another. Although some offer very expensive procedures, medical tourism has made things more affordable. 

It involves traveling to another country for lower-cost surgeries. There can be many reasons for cheaper prices. Factors such as exchange rate, the country’s economy, and governmental measures for development can affect that. Research has shown a significant correlation between full, long eyelashes and the perceived attraction of the face. For women, this trait has been associated with feminine grace and stunning looks. But, now, men too are joining the trend because of simply how beautiful they look, regardless of gender. Justin Theroux, Robert Pattinson, and Zayn Malik are some of the celebrities known for their long lashes. 

If the eyelashes that frame the eyes look stunning, then the eyes do too. They are our most attractive feature. The eyelashes serve many biological functions. They keep debris and small dust particles out of the eyes, prevent them from drying out, and direct sweat and water away. They also indicate the overall health of a person. Many diseases and disorders can lead to loss of eyelashes. It could be because of problematic metabolism, alopecia, trichotillomania, inflammation, taking certain medications, and traumatic injury. Evolution may be the reason behind our attraction towards longer eyelashes. 

Another reason why these are desirable is the confidence they impart to an individual. They help increase the self-esteem of a person as they feel better about themselves and the way they look. Short and thin eyelashes can make many people feel insecure about themselves, which is why they seek solutions for it. Some may go for a transplant and others for false eyelashes. Either way, the purpose is to enhance beauty. But one method certainly has its disadvantages.

  • The Trend among Celebrities 

Being in Hollywood means a lot of spotlights. Whether it’s a magazine cover shoot or a walk down the red carpet, celebrities do their best to look immaculate. This is why many celebrities have used false eyelashes to enhance or even change the shape of their eyes. They can help make the eyes look more wide and doe-like.

Kendall and Kylie are known to use false eyelashes, although their natural ones are quite long. Similarly, Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence, and a long list of celebrities have worn false eyelashes at one time or another. Some celebs even have a range of false eyelashes inspired by them. But for celebrities, who are flocked by professional makeup artists, the damaging effects of false eyelashes may never materialize. Eyelash transplant is a procedure that many celebrities have not explicitly stated to get. But if they’ve been using false eyelashes for quite some time, then many would’ve opted for an eyelash transplant. It’s a much safer and better alternative.

  • What is an Eyelash Transplant? 

An eyelash transplant is a cosmetic surgery that is a subcategory of hair transplantation. It involves implanting additional hair around the eyes. The grafts for the procedure are extracted from the scalp by shaving a small area. This will require cutting the size of the grafts to that of the eyelashes. Microincisions will make the way for hair to be inserted in the skin of the eyes. The procedure will take place under local anesthesia so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

Your whole eyelash transplant surgery will be completed in a couple of hours. Timing can vary for patients depending on the number of grafts.

  • Benefits and Cost of Eyelash Transplant

People who’ve been using false eyelashes for quite some time might’ve experienced thinning of their natural ones. While enhancing the look of the eyes temporarily, many people incur permanent damage to their eyelashes. In such cases, it is better to seek a solution such as an eyelash transplant surgery.

It can also be helpful for those who’ve injured the skin around their eyes in a traumatic event. Patients who’ve undergone chemo or radiotherapy can also get the procedure done. Similarly, people who suffer from trichotillomania can also benefit from this. In it, a patient has an irresistible urge to pluck hairs from different parts of their body. The procedure can greatly increase the confidence and self-esteem of a person.

Eyelash transplant cost is quite less as compared to the total money one spends in buying different false lashes. If the natural eyelashes are permanently damaged, you’ll still need to invest more money to take care of the problem. Eyelash transplant cost varies, but it is cheaper in countries like Turkey as compared to the UK. There, the eyelash transplant may cost twice as much. It will be a little more than £1Kat its cheapest in good clinics in Turkey. 

  • Harmful Effects of Using False Eyelashes 

False lashes can damage not only your eyelashes but also your eyes. The following reasons will explain why incurring eyelash transplant costs is much better:

  • Loss of Natural Eyelashes 

Using false lashes can put undue stress on the eyes. You will use glue, most of the time, to attach the false lashes. But this method has some very serious drawbacks. The glue used for adhering to false lashes can rip apart the natural ones when taking them off. Secondly, glue significantly cuts off the oxygen supply to the hair around your eyes, which can weaken and damage them.

Many people also experience an allergic reaction to the chemical formaldehyde in glue. This can cause your eyes to itch, swell up, get red, and develop a rash.

  • Developing Eye Infections

A common problem faced by many users of false lashes is the development of eye infections. The application of glue can trap bacteria underneath your skin. There they will fester as the air supply is completely cut off. 

If they fall, they gather dust and infectious organisms on them. With time, false eyelashes keep on accumulating harmful organisms that will eventually cause infections to the eye. Eyelash transplant costs pale in comparison to the problems caused by false eyelashes.

  • Weight of False Lashes is Damaging 

The natural environment of our eyes is very light and airy. False lashes have their weighty presence. This too can cause damage to the natural lashes as they remain under stress and can break from the pressure.

The problem is that people spend thousands of pounds looking for the right style of false eyelashes. This is accompanied by the expense of different mascaras. They even buy many products and solutions for them. Eyelash transplant cost, in contrast, is quite low.

  • Eyelash Transplant Post-Operative Care 

Your clinic will provide you with post-op care instructions to attain the best results. If you’ve had experience with hair transplant on the scalp, then you’ll find it relatively easy. There’s not much difference between the two procedures.

Immediately after the surgery, you won’t be allowed to wash your transplanted area for a whole day. Instructions will be provided to you for the optimal temperature and pressure of water for the wash. Your doctor will instruct you to not wash or rub your eyes too vigorously as it can dislodge the grafts. 

The hair grafts are taken from the scalp so, they’ll most likely grow in the same manner. The patient should cut the eyelashes with scissors when they are too long. Most likely, your clinic will also provide you with shampoo and lotion. These items will allow a gentle wash to the target area. You will continue to wash your eyes with these special products for two weeks.


The cost of false eyelashes is not more than that of eyelash transplant surgery.  You can find very affordable packages for it, especially in countries like Turkey. Many tourists choose the destination to have a holiday while combining it with a treatment for personal care. Even celebrities are choosing Turkey for eyelash transplants due to the premium quality of procedures performed.

There have been reports of incidents of mishandling and poor-quality treatment of patients in some hospitals that offer ridiculously low prices at the cost of patient’s health. But that’s certainly not the case everywhere. Many governments are stepping in to make the sector safer for patients and further promote it through specific measures. Medical tourism has offered high-quality and effective treatments for many people. It offers cost-effective solutions to many problems. That’s the reason why the industry is growing so rapidly. Many people can benefit from it. If you do proper research for clinics in an area, you will find the one that offers the best services. There’s a range of treatments that one can get from there. 

sule clinic the best hair transplant

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