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The Deposit Cost of Hair Transplant

Big purchases usually require an advance deposit. Getting surgery is no different. Medical tourism allows for lower financial risks, though. Through this, many people can get an affordable hair transplant cost for themselves. This has made healthcare much more accessible to people around the globe. But with the booking of every hair transplant surgery, you’ll have to follow a certain protocol. Every clinic has some rules and regulations in place, and they exist for your safety. Following them is important as it ensures a seamless experience.

The concept of the advance deposit is to guarantee a reservation, have preparations made for your surgery, and for covering costs in case of last-minute cancellations, among other things. As monetary risks associated with expensive medical treatments are greater, advance deposits help mitigate the situation. Their purpose is not profit-making or greed of medical institutes. Getting hair transplant surgery requires a great commitment which will only be solidified through this deposit.

Cost of Hair Transplant Deposit

If you want to get a hair transplant, there are a few steps that you’ll have to follow. You’ll have to look up clinics that suit your budget and provide your required procedure. You’ll need to do additional research on the clinic by looking at their reviews, social media platforms, and customer testimonials. This will determine their authenticity and give you an idea of their quality. Once you’ve done that, you can get in touch with the clinic to get more information. Many clinics offer consultation sessions before the surgery. Some charge money for them although they can be free of cost. In these sessions, you’ll get to know the details of the treatment and discuss any questions that you might have regarding it. After many deliberations, you will decide to book a package.

This is the part where advance payment comes in. To confirm the booking, the clinic will ask you to pay a deposit. However, many people are skeptical about paying money beforehand, especially if you’re getting treatment in a foreign country. Hair transplant costs can be daunting, so, any investment can make you feel stressed. But it is important to know that this is not a part of some scam scheme. Some people start to wonder why they even need to pay a deposit to fix the package. They might think of all the bad things that could happen. So, to clear the air, this guide will give you the reasons why advance deposits are taken. You can find answers to some other questions too here. So, let’s take a look at them.

Questions about the Deposit Cost of a Hair Transplant

The following are the frequently asked questions about the hair transplant cost regarding the deposit.

  • Why are the Prices Changing Constantly? 

If the cost of your deposit is changing constantly, then it’s not the clinic trying to make more money. The hair transplant cost is adjusted according to multiple factors. They mainly include the differences in currency rates and the rise of inflation in Turkey. The costs can go up or down as a result.

If this happens to you, then you don’t need to question the legitimacy of the medical institute. You can simply ask them the reason for the constant flux in prices to get a satisfactory answer for yourself. You may experience this with almost every clinic. This means that there are economic reasons behind such changes and not anything else. So, you can ease your mind in that regard. Hair transplant cost itself can require a lot of budget planning, so price fluctuation in deposits can be a cause for exasperation. The following are the frequently asked questions about the hair transplant cost regarding the deposit.

  • What if my Card Details are used for Something Else? 

You can usually spot sketchy clinics from a distance. They usually have a give. You can determine which is providing actual quality medical treatments in the research phase. The absence of an online presence is usually not a good sign. If you reach out to them through the phone, they might evade details. You may hardly find any past customer testimonials that are trustworthy. In such a scenario, sharing your card details can be a cause for concern.

You will have to share your card details for the deposit payment, though. It can raise concerns about fraudulent activities and your money being stolen. In that case, you should find a licensed and reputable company preferably registered in the UK’s Companies House. The registration of all the companies takes place through this government agency. To make things easier, they have a website where you can easily look up companies along with their record. The most you’ll need is the name of the company, its number, or the officer to find information about it.

Therefore, it is reasonable to think of the safety of your card details. Many frauds can be avoided through proper research platforms. By pulling up a company’s history, you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect.

  • Will my Deposit be Refunded if I Change my Mind? 

Deciding to get hair transplant surgery is no small thing. You might’ve set your mind on getting the procedure initially but getting cold feet is common. You won’t completely be doubt-free until after the surgery. Even afterward, you may feel anxious about the results.

Sometimes people feel that it is better to not go through the surgery at all. This can occur after you’ve made the deposit. To deal with this situation, there’s usually a cool-off period of 14 days after you’ve made the initial payment. However, after the two weeks have passed, it is highly unlikely for you to be able to obtain your deposit. They won’t be refunded unless specific conditions have been put into place beforehand.

A “deposit” is something made to secure payment, and if you don’t complete your “secured” payment, then the payment is not secured. So, you can’t expect to have your deposit back. When the advance payment is made, it means that the company has started making preparations for your surgery. For the company, it says that you are willing to proceed and so, the date will be secured for you. This will make the surgeons unavailable for other patients. You might feel down if you come across such a situation, but it’s about perspective. Your booking date means that no other patient will get your spot. If you backtrack at the last minute, this will cause the company loss anyway because no full payment will be made. The deposits, thus, are security for the companies.

  • Will I Lose My Deposit if My Medical History is not Suitable? 

Many factors need to be taken care of before surgery. Many tests will point out any vulnerability that the patient may have. Any particular ailment or use of certain medications can make a person not suitable for a hair transplant. In this case, you’ll usually find the clinics to be quite understanding.

You can expect them to give you your money back. Although, as mentioned above, the cool-off period is normally 14 days, it won’t be applied in this case. If your medical condition makes you unsuitable for the surgery, according to the doctor’s assessment, then you don’t need to worry. Your deposit payment will be refunded even if the cool-off period of 14 days has expired. In this case, you can expect a full refund. Do discuss this before making the payment. Being inoperable is not your fault in any manner, and you should not usually be charged for this. Clinics are aware of that, and they do their best to solve any such situations with as much empathy as possible.

  • Will I Lose a Lot of Money in Deposit? 

For some reason, you may decide not to get hair transplant surgery. Or some other situation has transpired that makes you completely forgo the thought of your procedure. In countries like the UK and the US, deposit costs can be huge. And if the cool-off period has also passed away, you might be looking at no option of getting a refund.

Medical tourism usually takes the edge off of this financial loss. Hair transplants in Turkey are quite affordable. Their deposit cost varies from £100 to £500. So, comparatively, you won’t be incurring huge losses. But for this to happen, you’ll have to get medical treatment in another country. It offers a safer investment choice.

Concluding Remarks 

Submission of deposits is not a novel concept. It doesn’t only happen in the healthcare industry. They are used in many other industrial sectors and are useful for safekeeping something. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is quite affordable. People from around Europe, the Middle East, and Russia travel to the country. Above all, the deposit amount is very minimal. With just a small payment, you can safely assume a smooth process.

If you’ve made up your mind about getting a hair transplant, then solidify your commitment to your goals through the submission of an advance deposit.

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