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Cancellation Cost of Hair Transplant Procedure

Many factors can cause someone to cancel their hair transplant surgery. A severe injury or accident, anxiety leading to a change of mind, or hearing about hair transplant failure through the grapevine. These days it is the spread of novel coronavirus. Its growing fears have been more than slightly disturbing. But many don’t realise that delaying transplantation will harm them in ways that low hair transplant costs won’t be able to compensate.

These days, the virus has essentially disrupted the way we conduct our daily lives. Being confined to our homes, staying away from others, not going out to eat, or travelling to another country for hair transplant surgery, are all understandable. Many governments have put travel restrictions in place. This will curb the spread of the virus. Almost all the clinics realise that the safety of their patients is far more important than anything else during this time. Many have extended the dates of the packages. For the time being, these clinics have been shut down. All these measures have been taken for your ease so that, at most, a few months later, you can achieve your dream look with gorgeous hair.

There are way too many downsides to postponing your hair transplant surgery for a prolonged time. The thing about cancellation is that you might keep on delaying the surgery to a time in the “near future.” It might be too late by then. China is already easing restrictions from the Wuhan area, where the first case of the virus appeared. At some economic costs, the country is starting to get up and running again. This means so will the rest of the world as everyone is working on it. Even you, by staying at your home.

However, for now, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of delaying your hair transplant surgery for a long time.

Why Delaying Hair Transplant Surgery Might be Bad for You 

Several things come into play once you’ve experienced hair thinning for way too long. Therefore, you should keep the following things in mind: 

  • Your Age Matters for Transplantation 

Most clinics will not recommend hair transplant surgery below the age of 21. It’s because there’s a risk of permanent balding. Moreover, the signs of androgenetic alopecia are not prominent at that time, which can affect the results of the surgery. Unrealistic expectations are another thing which is common in that age group. This is why the age of 25 or above is considered suitable.

The donor site is healthy at that time, and the signs of pattern baldness have already set in. There’s another benefit to it: greater healing ability. The younger you are, the easier it is for you to heal. And this is important for post-op recovery. Moreover, the graft survival rate is also high when you’re young. Some ages are optimum for hair transplant surgery. They ensure a quick, flawless recovery with excellent results. The more you delay, the worse it can get. In any case, you should consult a surgeon about this in detail as there are always some exceptions.

  • Greater Baldness Might Mean Less Hair Density 

Signs of pattern baldness can be seen through thinning hair at the crown and temples and a receding hairline in an “M” shape among males. They are ultimately left with a rim of hair. If the bald spot on your scalp is quite large, it’ll require more grafts. This can be sometimes difficult to attain. To overcome this, the surgeons will spread out the implants. You will not have thick, dense hair because of this.

The more you delay your surgery, the size of the recipient area will continue to increase. This will have a direct bearing on the density of your hair. You might end up feeling disappointed with the results of your hair transplant surgery. Many label it as a failure. But you need to remember that a professional will not try to trick you into getting surgery. The problem can be in the expectations that you have and the disparity it has with the reality of your donor and recipient area. It can greatly affect the outcomes of your surgery.

  • Finding a Good, Affordable Clinic Can Be Hard 

This can be a rather daunting task whether in your own or a foreign country. Because, indeed, many clinics are out there to fill their pockets at the cost of your health. Many people choose medical tourism because the hair transplant cost can be five times cheaper. And these surgeries can deliver high-quality results. So, going from Europe to Turkey is quite common among people.

However, many clinics will try to entice you with extremely low prices. They have the perfect front but will end up scamming you. There’s a lot of research that you need to conduct, such as checking out the online presence of the clinic, its social media handles, website and, lastly, getting in touch with them online or over the phone. Once you have found a good clinic, just stick with it. In such a case, cancelling your package is never a good idea. An affordable hair transplant with good quality is a great deal.

  • Financial Losses that can come with Cancelling Hair Transplant Surgery 

There’s no way clinics can run if you just end up calling and cancelling your hair transplant surgery without any consequences. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into it. Moreover, a whole time slot is fixed for you, which could’ve been taken up by another patient. This is why cancellation will always end up costing you. These are quite fair.

However, it won’t be logical for you to incur them. If you’ve run into a dire problem, most clinics do everything they can to accommodate you. The same goes for the current coronavirus pandemic. Many patients feel like they should cancel their packages. This is not a good idea. Here, a delay is inevitable. But for a few months, at most. You will eventually have your transplant surgery. Cancellation, on the other hand, has a finality to it. If you choose this, then you might come across some of the scenarios described above.

  • Your Deposit Money will not be Refunded 

Whenever a big transaction is made, companies will ask you to deposit money. It is to show your commitment. Moreover, any company will start making arrangements based on that financial proof. This is why, when you choose to cancel a deal, it costs the company. They’ve made your place at the cost of others. So, your deposit fee will compensate for that. Many clinics keep that as a reservation fee.

If you have a hair transplant cost fund, then once you cancel your package, the deposit money will not return to it. This can impact your future decision to get hair transplant surgery altogether.

  • Sometimes You’ll Lose All Your Money 

If the surgery day has drawn quite near, and you decide to cancel your hair transplant package, this will cost you a lot financially. If you’ve paid the full package price by this time, then it’s quite difficult to get a refund. 

You should read out company’s policy to find out what they do in these situations. However, mostly these are made after excluding the company’s costs and distribution. If your surgery day is quite near, it means you will lose most of your money.

  • Hotel Accommodation and Flight Charges will be on You 

Most of the clinics that offer medical tourism in Turkey have packages that include hotel accommodation. However, some don’t. If you do end up cancelling your package, you will be paying for the room either way.

Moreover, there’s also the flight cancellation charges. Some airline companies do not cancel for free. You may lose all your money or almost 75% of it. The principle of refund used here is the same. Your seat was booked, and if you choose not to go, the company has lost you and a potential client in your place.

Concluding Remarks 

Hair transplant costs is increasing by the day even though medical tourism has made things much more affordable. The more you delay your surgery, the more expensive it might get. The decision to get a hair transplant surgery can be time-consuming in itself. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel hesitant once you’ve made up your mind. Otherwise, you might miss an opportunity to renew your look for a long time. The balding can also become permanent as you will lose more hair by the day.

Coronavirus has created an atmosphere of uncertainty. Many people feel anxious and are trying to stay at home. For now, this is a good idea. But you shouldn’t prematurely cancel the long-term commitments you’ve made to yourself. The situation is only temporary. Hair transplants is important for the mental health of many people. Delaying it can cause more stress. You will also suffer financially because of this. Your treatment plan may also keep on changing if everything’s too late.

sule clinic the best hair transplant

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