People tend to believe that if something is expensive then it is high-quality and brands know that. People will buy an expensive product thinking that they are buying a luxury item. Therefore, brands sometimes use tricky strategies of over-pricing their products to look like they are luxury items. However, if a product has a high price it does not mean that it also has a high quality. It is the same when it comes to the cost of a hair transplant.

You can see a similar strategy in the medical field for treatments, surgeries, and other medicinal elements. Cost of a hair transplant may be expensive. Hair transplant procedures are often seen as a luxury and people feel that only the wealthy can afford it. This is not so true. Many people today are facing hair problems and the only effective option for them is a hair transplant. If a hair transplant surgery goes well and is successful, the transplant lasts a long time or even a lifetime, which makes this a one-time investment.

Hair transplant costs vary. The prices can vary depending on the factors that determine the cost of a hair transplant procedure. The factors are the expertise of a surgeon, the type of procedure you choose among the three most used procedures, including FUT, the FUE, and the DHI, geographical location and travel expenses also have an impact. Hair transplant procedures are quite expensive in the United Kingdom. If you plan on getting a hair transplant, Turkey would be a good option as the hair transplant cost in Turkey is the lowest. Do not assume that low cost would mean low quality because the medical institutions in turkey and the surgeons are the best in class and with years of successful experiences.

Why low cost does not mean low quality?

Potential hair transplant patients should not be tricked by the idea that high price, hype or high cost mean the best quality. They should also not think that the procedures that cost low are of poor quality. This is because hair transplant procedures are low in cost and best in quality. Here are 5 reasons why the low cost is not equal to low quality for hair transplants in Turkey:

Subsidized Prices

Hair transplant procedures in Turkey, irrespective of the type of procedure are affordable because the Ministry of Economy in Turkey has subsidized the costs of medical procedures to promote the country as a popular and affordable medical tourism destination. Even though the cost of a hair transplant is low it does not mean that the doctors and surgeons are inexperienced or unqualified. One can find some of the best medical practitioners in the world in Turkey.

Exchange Rate

Another reason that the cost of a hair transplant is less in Turkey is because of the exchange rate. 1 GBP or 1 Pound is almost equal to 8 Turkish Liras. It’s not only hair transplant procedures that benefit from this exchange rate, but almost every medical treatment and other commodities are much cheaper in Turkey.

Expenses Cost Less

All the expenses that are a part of a medical procedure are much lower in Turkey. This includes operating theatre fees, medical staff wages, medication, consultation, insurance premiums. That means the overall cost of the procedures is less than other leading countries that offer similar medical treatments.

New Hospitals & Equipment

Lower prices do not mean lower quality. The quality of services in Turkey is the same if compared with medical procedures in the UK. Unlike many hospitals that are in the UK which are from the Georgian or Victorian times, hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions in Turkey are new developments. The buildings are designed well and according to the modern state of the art. They are well equipped with advanced and the latest technology.

Trustable Doctors

The Turkish doctors that provide treatment and conduct surgeries are reliable. Because they are experienced and qualified. The education system in the medical institutions of Turkey allows aspiring doctors or interns to treat patients under strict supervision while they are students in medical schools. Due to this fact, doctors in Turkey have more experience than doctors in the same medical speciality in the UK.

To conclude, make a good research about your medical tourism provider options. Don’t be so suspicious about affordable prices, but make sure that the medical team have the necessary qualifications and the clinics have a licence to operate.